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Use the Now-Discontinued Microsoft Band? Claim up to $ 175 – Review Geek

 Josh Henderickson </span></figcaption>
<p> Microsoft stopped making fitness band products years ago, but it continued to support existing users. Now, that's the way Microsoft shuts down its online dashboard and apps. But there's a silver lining-up of $ 175 for active users. </p>
<p> If you thought the Microsoft Band was dead, that's more than understandable. Microsoft stopped working on the fitness products and removed it from the Microsoft Store in 201<div class=
6. But for existing users, the service and apps still worked great for workouts, exercise, and sleep tracking.

 The Health and Fitness Dashboard

The Dashboard has also been planned for Golm's Gym, Men's Fitness, and more.

Unfortunately for active band users, that's all coming to an end. Microsoft has announced it will shut down the Dashboard and remove the related Health apps from the iOS and Android store on 5/31/2019. Microsoft Tape If You Factory Reset It.

Users have not read any data yet, but they do not like it export tools. More importantly-and, if you're honest, you're reading quietly-if you're an active band user, there's a chance for a refund.

Who's eligible? Anyone who has performed a data sync between 12/1/2018 and 3/1/2019 is eligible for a refund. Additionally, if your limited warranty is still valid, you may qualify for a refund. If you have an original Microsoft Band, you can receive $ 79.00, and Band 2 owners will receive $ 175.

Microsoft says it wants to pay eligible users, and you have to claim the refund by 8/30/2019 or you'll loose out. So keep an eye on your inbox.

And in the meantime, if you're considering switching to a running watch, we have a few suggestions.

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