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Using iOS 12 to enter passwords on an Apple TV

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Using the Siri remote to enter text on an Apple TV is difficult, especially if it's a long and complicated phrase. Instead, you can use the software keyboard on your iPhone or iPad to enter your password.

Apple's close-knit ecosystem comes into its own and we benefit from it. The Siri remote is not very good, and entering a 1

2-digit password with symbols, capital letters and numbers is crazy. This feature is not just for passwords – whether you're searching for your favorite movie or typing the world's best password, using a keyboard on an iPhone or iPad is a much better idea.

Using an iPhone or iPad for Text Input

You need an iPhone or iPad with iOS 12 or higher and an Apple TV with tvOS 12 or higher for this to work. All devices must be on the same Wi-Fi network and logged in to the same iCloud account.

Navigate to a text box on your Apple TV, and you'll be prompted on your iPhone or iPad to open the keyboard. If the notification does not appear, you can also open the Apple TV Remote app. If you've never used the Apple TV Remote, read this guide to set up everything. A keyboard automatically displays when your Apple TV is ready to enter text.

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 Tap the keyboard notification

Use the keyboard as usual and enter your text.

 Enter the desired text using the on-screen keyboard.

Everything you enter will automatically be displayed on your Apple TV in real time. Continue with the Siri remote control on your Apple TV when you're done.

Using AutoFill

If you can enter text using the keyboard of your iPhone or iPad, you also have access to AutoFill. With AutoFill, you can quickly and easily enter passwords without having to type anything if you've stored your usernames and passwords in iCloud Keychain or an app like 1Password or LastPass.

To use AutoFill, tap the credentials when they appear in the QuickType bar at the top of the keyboard of your iPhone or iPad. If you have multiple credentials to choose from, tap the key icon and select the appropriate one.

 Tap the credentials when they appear in the QuickType bar above the keyboard.

The username and password are displayed Automatically sent to your Apple TV once you have authenticated using the Touch ID or Face ID. It will never be displayed in clear text on your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV.

This is just a tip for Apple TV to work for you. There are many more that you may not know. If you do not have a rubber band on the bottom of your Siri remote control, the function is missing!

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