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Using Slipstream to catch up in the Mario Kart Tour «Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

The Mario Kart Tour can sometimes make it hard for you to overtake the person in front of you. As much as you try, you're stuck in second place and on the last stretch of the track without any items. This is where the use of a technique known as slipstream comes into play.

Slipstream is the name Mario Kart uses for tailgate or drawing, which is common in racing games. If you get very close to a driver in front of you, you will get a boost to overtake him. It takes a bit of practice, but once you get the hang of it, you can win all your races, even those that come on the line.

With Slipstream

To use Slipstream, just drive close to a driver. Keep this distance for a second or two until you see your silencer exhaust the flames and a faint semicircle appear around your character. This indicates that your Boost is activated and you can now use it to overtake the driver. The boost you get is similar to the mini turbo, the blue boost you get when drifting. This technique can also be used when the opponent turns the corner.

As long as you do not come first, you can use this technique. Especially in the section of the race where the riders come together, this is a perfect opportunity to break away from the crowd.

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