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Using the App "New Reminders" from iOS 13

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Julian Chokkattu / Digital Trends

With dark mode, swipe-type, Apple login and more, iOS 13 has tons of features. But do not let the new ones blind you, how much some old friends have improved. Apple's Reminders app was once a disappointment, with some of the features you would find in even the most basic third-party task apps. It was probably just the default inclusion in iOS, which meant there was a user base at all.

But this time is over. In iOS 1

3, Apple has removed the tired old Reminders app, added a charged engine, and added all the mod cons that you deserve. After all, iOS has a reminder app that it can be proud of. Here's how to use it.

Creating a Reminder

There's a lot to unpack about the Reminders app on iOS 13, but none of that will be useful if you do not know how to create a reminder. To create a reminder, open your reminder app, under the heading Lists, tap Reminders and then the bottom left of New Reminder . Fill in the text with your reminder, tap Back on your keyboard, and you're done – your first reminder has been created.

Adding a time, place, or connected person

These are just the bare essentials for the task, however, and adding a reminder to "buy bread" or "pick up Gerald" only works if you stick to it think to read your to-do list. It's a lot easier if you get a little push on your phone at a certain time or place to remember what to do. Tap on your task to add a place or time to your reminder. Then tap the blue "i" to the right of your task to open the task options.

If you want to be reminded at a certain time, press the button for . Remind me of one day and fill in the Alarm or reminds me of one time options. If it is a recurring task, you can even set it to repeat. To add a location, tap instead Remember Me and select the location you want to be reminded of.

Finally, if your job is related to a specific person – for example, if you ask someone If they have a birthday party, reminders can remind you of your job when you send them a message. Just select Remember message and select a contact.

Siri can do that for you.

However, you do not have to dive into the reminder app each time you want to add a quick task. Instead, Siri can do your dirty work for you. Just say "Hey, Siri" and ask Siri to "remind me", followed by the details of your memory. You may even ask to be reminded at a certain time or place.

Add subtasks

You can also add subtasks to more complex tasks or projects – or if you want to create a shopping list with multiple entries. If any of your reminders would benefit from adding subtasks, go to your task and tap the blue "i" to open that task. Scroll through the options until you find Subtasks . Tap it, and then press Add reminder to add a subtask. You can add as many subtasks as you like.

Once you're done, you can find your subtasks under the parent task or reminder. You can run them separately from the main task and tap the blue "i" like other reminders to add separate locations, times, or contacts to each subtask.

Using the Today Alert feature [19659006] You've probably noticed that Reminders has a new home page that's pretty self-explanatory. However, there is an extremely useful feature that is not visible.

By default, reminders are triggered when tasks are scheduled for that day. But you can change when that shock happens or if it happens at all. To make changes, go to the Settings app and click reminders. From there you can change the timing of your Today Notification or turn it off completely if you do not like the daily memory. Here you can also change the standard list for your tasks.

Creating a List

You can easily be carried away by memories, taking down every detail. Before you know it, you've filled up your app with birthdays, holiday reminders, tax alerts, and the end of the day with milk. Do not worry, you can organize all these tasks into lists so you do not drown in all your memories.

To create a list, open your reminder app and tap Add List at the bottom right. You can choose from a variety of colors and logos to differentiate your list at a glance. If you are satisfied with your list, click Done in the top right corner.

You can add tasks and reminders to the list by tapping and creating the list under My Lists or by moving existing tasks to the list. To add an existing task, find the task, tap it, then press the blue "i" to open its options. If you're having trouble finding a task, you'll find a search bar on the Reminders home page that helps you find specific tasks. When you are in the options of the task, scroll down and tap List and then select your new list.

Adding a list to a group

But it does not stop here As the ultimate organization, you can add similar lists to a whole group. Why would you want to do that? You might want to create a list for birthdays and anniversaries. Put both into a group called "Important Data" and make sure your homepage looks nice and clean.

Creating a group is easy. On the Reminders homepage, click Edit in the top right corner. Then tap Add Group at the bottom left. Name your group and select the lists you want to group. Then press Done. To change which lists are in the group, tap Edit tap the blue "i" next to the group, and then add or remove lists Include .

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