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Using the New Multitasking Gestures in Android 9.0 Cakes «Android :: Gadget Hacks

Android Pie brings a lot of changes, but the headliner feature is a set of navigation gestures like the iPhone X does. With Android 9.0, you can now navigate through your phone with a total of seven new swipes.

Gesture control is not enabled by default on existing phones, but as long as you've updated to Android Pie, you can easily enable it. These gestures may take some getting used to, but you can see them working below to get on the right foot.

. 1 Swipe up on the Home button to enter the Multitasking view

First of all, you should know that the Back and Home buttons still have the same function-that is, simply tap on them to to perform the corresponding action. The back button disappears when you are on the home screen because there is no more room, and the multitasking button is now gone because it has been replaced by gestures.

The first gesture is quite intuitive ̵

1; just swipe the pill up button for multitasking view

Image of Dallas Thomas / Gadget Hacks

second Swipe Through All Apps in Multitasking View

Once in Multitasking view, swipe left to right to switch between your open apps. When you see an app you want to open, just tap to see it in full screen.

Image of Dallas Thomas / Gadget Hacks

3. Swipe up on a map to close the app

In previous versions of Android, swipe left or right to remove an app from the multitasking view. Now that the menu scrolls sideways, you'll need to swipe vertically to close an app. As a side note, you can find a "clear all" button if you scroll all the way to the left of this menu.

Image of Dallas Thomas / Gadget Hacks

4. Swipe from the multitasking interface to Show All Apps

When you open the multitasking view with the swipe-up gesture, you will see a Dock and Google search bar at the bottom of the interface. This is not the same dock as the one on your home screen – it's another set of apps that Google's AI thinks you might want to start.

If you want to switch from your computer back to the normal dock icons home screen, long press on a free space on your launcher and select "Home screen settings". From there, tap on "Suggestions" and then disable "Apps" and "Actions".

However, if the app you are looking for is not in this dock or in your last apps view, you have another option. Just swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the app drawer, where you can start any app on your phone.

Image of Dallas Thomas / Gadget Hacks

5. Long Swipe to See All Apps

You've probably already noticed that the multitasking gesture "hijacked" the swipe gesture that had previously opened your app drawer when you were on your home screen. Of course, you can access the app drawer from any screen at the top with # 4, but there is another way.

If you're in an app, swipe up from the Home button, but keep your finger almost at the top of the screen. With this "long swipe gesture" opens the app drawer in a recording.

Image of Dallas Thomas / Gadget Hacks

6. Use the Quick Scrub to Move Multitasking View

The Home button now acts as a slider of sorts. If you swipe your finger to the right and hold your finger, the phone scrolls automatically through any open apps in your multitasking view. From here, wait for the app you want to open to be selected, then release and the app will open.

Image of Dallas Thomas / Gadget Hacks [19659031] 7. Swipe the navigation bar to switch between the last two apps

Similar to the old double-tap gesture with the last apps button you can now swipe right on the home button to switch between the two most recently used apps. It's a lot like # 6 above, but instead of holding, just swipe the Home button sideways. Side Note: You can initiate this swipe from anywhere in the navigation bar, not just from the Home button.

Image of Dallas Thomas / Gadget Hacks

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