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View a cached version of a Web site

Do you want to view old websites or a website that is currently offline? Learn how to find and access cached Web pages using Google, the Wayback computer, and other tools.

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  Viewing a Cached Version of a Website

The transience of the Internet can easily be forgotten. Pages are processed without warning and websites can disappear overnight.

There are many ways to lose access to a website or website. The servers may have failed or the site owner may have changed or removed the content you are looking for. In these cases, one option is to display the cached version.

Google regularly scans the web for new pages to index. In addition, backup copies of the scanned pages are saved. Web browsers do the same to load pages faster. These snapshots are cached – an area of ​​your local hard drive that can be temporarily accessed when a Web site goes down or certain content is removed.

Not all websites are indexed or cached by Google, but for those who do this, you'll learn how to access them.

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