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Wahl's new male grooming line is one of the best things I've ever used – Review Geek


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Price: Varying

What we like

  • Smells good
  • All products go well together

And what we do not

  • can be considered expensive for some

When it comes to hair trimmers and beard trimmers is Choice may be one of the first names that come to mind. That's probably not the case when it comes to other male grooming, but maybe that should be it.

The company has recently launched a new line of male care products containing ton . of great items for skin, face, body and (of course) beards. I have used some of them in recent weeks to get a sense of how good they are and how they are compared to similar products, and I have to say, I am a believer. These are some of the best care products I've ever used. However, before going into details, let's take a closer look at the care products offered by the company. Here are a variety of items:

I have been using Body- and Face-Bar, Beard Detergent and Beard Oil on a regular basis for several weeks now, with the Beard Emollient occasionally used to soak up the old facial hair. And although I did not respond to it with great hopes, I am now firmly convinced what choice is going on here, because these are some good products.

If you have ever seen me, then you may know a little about my aesthetics: I am a head-shaper with a beard. I have spent the past 15 years refining my nursing practices, especially when it comes to my head and beard. The razors, the blades and the shaving cream I use have not changed for a very long time. No matter how many products I have tried, I have not found anything better than a headblade with Gillette Sensor Excel Blades in combination with HeadSlick.

For other products, however, it's all about experimenting and trying things out. Beard oils, balms and other beard care products (including aftershaves) are always at the top of my list of things to check, along with new body washes. I have been using the same NIVEA for Men product for years as most soaps – especially bar soaps – dehydrate my skin.

It is also worth mentioning that Wahl contains the complete list of ingredients of this new line of men's care products. This is fantastic for people with allergies, as it can easily find out if the product may react to something. It's not often that we find a company that is as open as it offers, and that's very cool.

I'd like to start with the body and face bar that I've been using for weeks (yes, the same) bar).

Body and Face Bar: Perhaps the best soapstone on this planet

I wanted to start with this product because maybe it impressed me the most. I've tried many body soaps on my planet for 37 years and never found a bar I like. No matter how "moisturizing" it is, my skin always feels dry and itchy. I'm not a fan.

Still, I was interested in seeing how Body and Face Bar behaved. And man, let me tell you, this is the best soap I've ever used. Right in front of the gate I was amazed at the sheer size of the block – it's a thick piece of soap. Some may even say that it is man-high . It's relatively expensive at $ 14 per ingot, but due to its size, I expected it to last a while. I've been using the same bar for about six weeks and it's still strong – probably a few more weeks left. It is huge.

Not only that, but it's versatile. It can be used on body, face, hair and even as a shaving cream. It was tested with all these things (well, my beard, since I have no hair) and it worked exceptionally well. Although I have seen many bars of soap that are good for all types of lingerie and they rarely (if ever) work well for the latter. Again the exception to the rule, the election Face and Body Bar delivered a creamy shave. It was not so smooth on my head and headslick (which will be the best shaving cream cream on the market in any case), but it would work in a hurry, or if I was traveling and wanted to pack light.

Finally we talk about the fragrance. It has a very strong, pleasant and generally male odor. It is by no means presumptuous, but it is a very aromatic soap. It also leaves just enough odors that you will smell great while showering.

Beard Wash: A buttery wash that baffles my beard

While you can use the body and face bar as a beard / shampoo, there is no substitute for a good beard wash. I tend to use beard detergent on my head and face as well. That's exactly what I did with my choice of beard detergent ($ 17.99). Outside the tube, it has a very interesting and almost unique feel – it is "silky" if that makes sense. It's thick, but smooth super . It also creates a nice foam, but because it is sulphate-free, it does not create a super frothy foam. The fact that it is sulphate free also means that it does not dry out your beard.

The balance of natural oils provides a pleasant-smelling wash, and the lack of parabens means it does not add rubbish to your beard. Overall, the composition is one of the most beautiful beard washes I have used for some time. The tube is 6 ounces and I use about a nickel-sized spot for my beard, face and head. I started using more, probably too much, so the tube took about six weeks. It is empty almost .

beard oil: my new favorite beard oil

I'm not a big fan of beard oils. My skin can be quite greasy by nature, and I've found most beard oils to make my beard feel "heavy" and dirty – especially when it's longer. Worse (at least for me) is that my beard with the extra weight and oil slightly curls, which I can not stand. Nevertheless, I was so impressed by the other election things that I wanted to give the oil a shot. I am glad that I did it.

It may sound bizarre, but the choice beard oil is the least oily oil I've ever used. It feels very similar to other beard oils in your hands, but once it's in your beard, it quickly and easily soaks in, leaving the crude "heavy" feeling with thicker oil, the choice stuff may not work so well for you You (although I would still suggest trying it). But it was better for me than anything else that I used because it is "easier". And just like the beard wash, it is paraben- and sulfate-free. It also uses the same proprietary blend of natural oils, so detergent and oil work well together. It smells good too!

Beard Emollient: The icing on the cake

Between Beard Wash and Beard Oil you can get a [4299032] rather silly, soft beard. But if you're looking for that extra step, you can alleviate your scratch with the beard softener of choice. It is essentially a leave-in conditioner for your beard and softens it superbly, leaving no residue or weight.

You may think that softeners like this are only suitable for longer beards, but that's not all true. My beard is currently in a transitional phase – I shaved it for a couple of weeks in Hollywood style (no mustache), then I'm sick of shaving the cheek line. My beard is a length I would normally wear, but that Top is still stubbly. When these stubble grow, it starts to itch – here the beard softener really helps .

The softening agent not only acts as a deep-care product for your beard hair, but also for your skin. These combined things leave a soft beard and a moist skin underneath. As I said earlier, Wahl's beard wash and beard oil can give a similar result, but the softener takes things to another level – you can also use it with the oil, if you like, although I generally do it for myself even prefer.

Just like the oil, the same oil mixture is used as in the laundry, so it works very well together. And like everything else in the series, it smells great.

Conclusion: This is a great system.

Like many other men's care lines (or care lines in general?), Wahl's novelties are all made to work together. The fragrances are similar and the oil blends are the same, so they complement each other well. If you're looking for a new line of men's grooming products, I can only recommend this new line – as the headline says, this is one of the best products I've ever used. There are several other products in this product line that I was not allowed to try, but if they are similar to the products presented here, they are probably just as impressive.

Well done, choice. [19659047] Rating: 9/10

Price: Varying

What we like

  • Smells good
  • All products go well together

And what we do not & # 39; t

  • Can by some

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