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Want to buy the iPhone XS? These are the best deals

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The new iPhone XS ($ 999 at Apple) and XS Max start at $ 1

,000 and climb steeply from there. Ouch. The iPhone XR is more affordable at $ 750, but it can not be pre-ordered for another month.

Fortunately, there are offers for the new flagship of Apple. Four of them come from the Big Four carriers, while the fifth (and probably the best) comes from a carrier operating on Verizon's network.

Although we focused on the iPhone XS in these deals, most carrier options also apply to the XS Max. (Currently, only one, US Mobile, supports the iPhone XR.)

iPhone Deals: Save a Lot on Last Year's Models

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AT & T and Verizon: Buy a New iPhone Get Another iPhone for Free

If you're looking for two phones, look at the AT & T and Verizon options: both give you a "free" second iPhone when you buy a new one – but this freebie comes in the form of a service loan paid out during the two (or more!) years you lease the phones.

AT & T for example, lease the iPhone XS for $ 33.34 a month – for a period of 30 months . But the service credits during this time will fully cover the cost of an iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus .

See AT & T

Verizon, meanwhile, charges $ 41.66 a month for 24 months for the iPhone XS (64GB). If You Buy a Second iPhone – Everything from the iPhone 8 ($ 775 at Amazon Marketplace) to the iPhone XS Max ($ 1,099 at Apple) (but in the 256 GB configuration, out For any reason, you receive $ 700 worth of salvaged credits


See Verizon

service offered at the carrier's standard rates, but there is no trade-in required.

Sprint: Free iPhone XS with a Qualified Trade-In

If you take it as read that a Big Four-carrier unlimited service plan will cost you at least $ 60 a month, then Sprint has a pretty tempting deal: if you have an iPhone Pre-order XS (64GB), trade in a legitimate phone and register for an 18-month Sprint Flex Lease, will cost the phone itself $ 0 – – You only pay for the service.

See it in the Sprint

This Service actually starts at $ 40 per month, for a plan that includes 2GB of high-speed data. But Sprint's Unlimited fares range between $ 60 and $ 90 – comparable to what the other Big Four carriers demand.

Regarding Tradable Trades, Here's the list: iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 ($ 590 at Amazon Marketplace) iPhone 7 Plus ($ 751 at Amazon Marketplace Samsung Galaxy S9 ($ 620 at Amazon.com) Samsung Galaxy S9 +, LG G7 ThinQ, Samsung Galaxy S8 ($ 500 at Amazon.com) [Samsung Galaxy S8 +, Samsung Galaxy S8 Aktiv, Samsung Galaxy Note8, Google Pixel 2, Google Pixel 2XL]

T-Mobile: Save Up to $ 300 with Qualified Trade-In

T-Mo's deal is pretty simple: Trade with an iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, or iPhone 8 and get $ 300 balance which is amortized over 24 billing credits. (In other words, you agree to two years T-Mobile Service.)

See it at T-Mobile

You can also get a credit for older iPhones: $ 200 for the 6S and 6S Plus or $ 100 for almost every model in front of them (including as far back as the iPhone 3GS!).

In the meantime, the phone itself can be funded for $ 280 and $ 30 a month, again for a 24-month period. As for service, T-Mo's unlimited single-line plan costs $ 70 a month.

US Mobile: Save $ 400

US Mobile's deal is a little different – and arguably the best option currently available, as there is no trade. in required.

If you're ready to switch, Verizon Network Operator will provide you with $ 400 for the next 12 months. Just activate a new service line if you bring your iPhone XR, iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max and a new or ported number.

See it at US Mobile

To use the deal, just buy US Mobile Starter Kit for $ 3.99, be sure to apply promo code CHEAP400 at checkout , Next, order your new iPhone from Apple, wait for the Starter Kit to arrive, and then activate both with the second coupon code that arrives from US Mobile.

This is one of the few deals that includes the iPhone XR, which should not be shipped until the end of October. However, US Mobile's offer will allow you to activate the service by the end of November. So you have a buffer. Read more about the Deal in my original post from the beginning of the week

Which iPhone deal do you like most? Or are you going to suspend this round of upgrades and wait for lower prices?

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