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WatchOS 5: How To Use The Walkie Talkie App?

It's a nostalgic thing to press a button, talk and then hear another voice through a speaker a few seconds later. With watchOS 5, Apple Watch ($ 399 at Apple) owners will receive a feature that mimics the old school's communication form. It's a lot of fun.


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WatchOS 5 updates the Apple Watch with walkie-talkie …


The basics


Screenshot by Jason Cipriani / CNET

The walkie-talkie app is included in watchOS 5. You will find it on your home screen next to all your installed apps. The app icon is a yellow icon with an Apple Watch that looks like a walkie-talkie.

  Walkie Talkie Invitation

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani / CNET

When you open the app, a list of contacts that have an Apple Watch that you frequently use FaceTime or iMessage will display.

You can add another contact card by scrolling to the bottom of the list and pressing the "+" symbol. An invitation is sent to the contact and he or she can accept your walkie-talkie friend request or reject it altogether. You can delete a contact from the app by swiping to the left on the contact card and then tapping the red "X".


It's easy to start a conversation: select a contact in the app, press and hold the Talk button, speak your message, and release it.

The person on the other end hears a beep from his or her watch. followed by your voice and the content of your message. You can then respond and you will be alerted to your watch when the transfer arrives.

Or, if you prefer, you can open the contact card and just tap the Talk button. This sends a notification to the contact similar to a new notification. He or she can then start talking to you through the app, or if it's a bad time, ignore the message altogether.

As with real walkie talkies, there is no button you need to press to accept an incoming message. When walkie-talkie is activated, one of your confirmed contacts can talk through your watch at any time. This can lead to uncomfortable moments when you are in a meeting, for example.

This brings us to the potential of the most important attitude of the entire walkie-talkie app.


  watchos-5 walkie-talkie mode available

Screenshots by Jason Cipriani / CNET

With walkie-talkie, you can mark yourself as available or unavailable unless a friend happens to shout at you from your wrist.

Each time you lift your wrist, a small walkie-talkie icon at the top of the Apple Watch screen flashes to remind you that your status is currently set to available.

To mark yourself unavailable, open the walkie-talkie app and scroll down. Slide the available switch to Off . When availability is turned off, your walkie-talkie contacts will not be able to send you messages.

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