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What does Business Casual mean? – LifeSavvy

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Of all the styles of clothing you find on an invitation to an event, "Business Casual" might be the most confusing.

Look, it looks like an oxymoron. Is "casual" not the opposite of "business"? While this may be true, Business Casual has become one of the most common dress codes for many events. It's worth shaking off your frustration and finding out what it means.

In our Dress Code Guide series, we help you demystify any kind of dress code, from casual to white ties, but we'll start with the toughest One: Business Casual. Let's dress a little easier!

Business Casual: A Definition

Let's say you have a crystal ball that can see the future. It shows you that by chance you will meet the CEO of a company that you would like to work in the supermarket for tomorrow. What would you wear?

You do not want to look like you're trying too hard (it's a chance gathering at the grocery store), but you want to make a good impression.

That's the essence of business casual: They want to look professional, but not like trying to look professional. All the more confusing is the fact that there are no specific guidelines for business casual clothing, as for other dress codes, such as. B. white tie.

Business casual products are usually made into an outfit They could wear to work: no sweats or T-shirts. However, you will have to stop before wearing a full suit. Instead, look for high quality items like pants, jumpers and button-downs.

Business Casual can also be casual or business. Therefore, you have to make some decisions depending on the event. For example, dark wash jeans may be a good choice for a business casual party, but not for a job interview.

Attracting Business Casual

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Sometimes a business casual attire event is specified to make the call itself.

At good times for work clothes include:

  • networking events
  • company celebrations
  • interviews for odd jobs

For example, if you are looking for a business in a law firm like you in professional clothing dress. However, in less formal industries, such as retail and hospitality, Business Casual lends itself to an interview.

Creating a business-casual look depends on what you have in your wardrobe and the nature of the event. Depending on what you choose, you can also show some personality with your outfit, but be careful not to wear anything that goes too far from the range of professional acceptance.

Business Casual Ideas for women

Try it as a woman Build your outfit with items like these on:

  • Skirts and dresses with modest hemline and neckline
  • Slacks
  • Sweaters and cardigans [19659020] Blouses
  • Shirts with buttons
  • Blazers (19659909) Blazers (19659019) Blazers (19659019) Blazers (19659019) Blazers (19659019) Blazers (19659019) Blazers (19659019) Blazers (19659019) Blazers (19659019) Blazers Colors or simple patterns. You can show more personality with your accessories, such as shoes and jewelry, but avoid anything that is too bold and trendy. Keep your make-up classic and easy when you wear it.

    Business Casual Ideas for Men

    With these parts men can put together a business casual look:

    • Slacks
    • Pullover
    • Dress shirts
    • Blazers

    For men: Business casual normally putting on means you do not need a tie. However, wear suitable shoes such as loafers or evening shoes and always wear a belt. Keep your facial hair well groomed.

    In the end, casual wear is all about making decisions. For men and women, long sleeves are the safer choice than short sleeves. A short-sleeved polo shirt, however, may be at the "casual" end of business casual. Pants are a more professional choice than jeans, but dark jeans sometimes fit this occasion.

    If in doubt, always opt for the more professional choice. Imagine that you have a crystal ball and imagine the possibilities. Who is the most important person you could meet at this event, and what kind of impression will convey your outfit?

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