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What does NVM mean and how do you use it?

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You have probably already seen the abbreviation NVM in a text. Here̵

7;s a look at what this commonly used conversational language means on the internet and how to use it properly.

What it means

Contrary to most of the shortened slang terms on the Internet, NVM is not an acronym. It’s more of a shortened version of “don’t care”. Sometimes it is also shown as “NVMD” or “NM”.

Anyway, it can be abbreviated in both uppercase (NVM) and lowercase (nvm), but the latter is far more common. You often see it online, in messaging apps, chat rooms, or text when someone wants everyone else in the conversation to ignore their last message.

The origins of NVM

NVM has been used since the earliest online chat rooms. It was widely used because people often needed to type quickly and efficiently. Many messaging platforms, such as B. SMS, also had strict character restrictions, so longer phrases had to be abbreviated.

The top entry for NVM in the Urban Dictionary is from 2003 (although it is much older) and is simply defined as “doesn’t matter.” Since then, it’s been widely used across the internet, social media, and messaging apps.

Using NVM in chats and texts

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The most common use of NVM is to ask someone to ignore the most recently sent message. This often happens when you ask for help. Suppose you are trying to solve a difficult math problem and you turn to someone for help. Suppose you manage to solve the problem yourself. If you send “nvm” to the person you asked for help, they will be notified that they can ignore your previous message.

When you purchase an item, you can message a store to see if it’s in stock. However, if you do receive the item as a gift, you can post the message “Nvm, I only received it as a gift!” The seller will then know that they don’t have to come back with you.

You can also use nvm if you change your mind about something. For example, you can text a friend for advice on which shirt to buy. However, if you decide to do something completely different, you might write, “Nvm! Have a sweater instead. “

Unusual use of NVM

NVM is sometimes used passively aggressively or sarcastically. If someone doesn’t open your messages, you can say nvm to get their attention or make them guilty of not replying.

You can also use NVM if you accidentally send a message to the wrong person. While this can be embarrassing (especially if it’s been read), a simple “nvm, wrong number” or “nvm send this to someone else” should fix it.

Lots of people will be using NVM too when the person you are speaking to does not understand your question. Here is an example:

  • Person A: Have you seen the new episode yet?
  • Person B: What? A new episode came out?
  • Person A: LOL, nvm.

Another use of NVM is asking questions or posting requests on social media. For example, let’s say you ask your followers for suggestions for the movie they want to watch. Then you have a sudden change in plans and decide not to watch a movie. You could post something like, “nvm, it looks like I’m not watching a movie after all.”

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Use of NVM

Because NVM means “don’t care,” you can use it in the same situations that you would use this term. However, it would probably be best to only use it in casual conversations.

Here are a few more examples of NVM in action:

  • Nvm, I fixed it.
  • Nvm, you don’t have to bring any food. I delivered a few.
  • Sorry, nvm, I wanted to send this meme to Dan.
  • NVM, I totally forgot what to ask.

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