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What does "yes" mean and how do you use it?

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Yeet is one of the newest and least understood words on the Internet. It is used everywhere, apparently without any form of context. But words have to mean something, and they have some exact meanings.

They have two different definitions.

At first glance, it looks like a nonsensical Internet word used without concrete definition or context. It is apparently inserted into memes for no reason, and a friend who spends too much time with Reddit does not seem to be able to stop nonsensically ad-libbing.

For most uses of yeet, what you see is what you get. It's just a word that sounds funny and expressive. It is usually used instead of affirmative words like "boo-yeah," but sometimes it is used instead of normal verbs to humorize everyday actions (like dancing, running, or falling).

But yes, that's not nonsense, so most people use it. Yeet has a concrete definition: to violently throw an object with the confidence and authority of a god. You can see this definition when working in some memes and videos and even use them in your daily life.

When you're done with breakfast, you can throw chaos through the kitchen and into the trash. If you're hungry as a horse, you can put your body in an arby like a rag doll. While doing these actions, you should call "YES" because that's what anyone who knows knows.

So, that's a word that means "toss", and it can be used as an exclamation while something is being thrown. It is also used as a nonsense word, usually to add humor to an action or verbal response. But where did you come from and why are there two separate definitions?

Yeet Lore and Etymology

It is difficult to say exactly when they became a word, but their meaning and use seem to stem from the 2000 hip-hop.

In an Urban Dictionary entry from 2008, a man named Bubba Johnson defines yeet as an exclamation that is used when an object is thrown in the air, particularly when "basketball, when someone is shot with a three-pointer he's sure he'll go in the hoop. "

Of course, people seldom use you as an actual word; It is usually used as a nonsense call. This nonsensical use is reminiscent of rap ad libs like 50 Cent's GGGG-UNIT or Lil John's YEEAAAH.

While it's possible these fun rap ad libs have influenced the nonsense meaning of yeet, it's also likely that the word has deepened itself into nonsense. After all, it was made popular by memes such as Lil Meatball's Yeet Dance in 201

4, where it was used as a generic exclamation with no apparent form or context.

When do you say Yeet?

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Again, yes is mostly used as a humorous nonsense. You can use it technically whenever you want to laugh, though you probably should avoid it in professional situations. In fact, you should probably avoid using it in a situation where you might be ridiculed for calling a memo. (If you're reading this article in public, it's too late.) Everyone knows that you are now obsessed with memes.)

But some YEET enthusiasts disapprove of the nonsense use of YEET. If you want to adhere to the concrete definition of the word, you should say "YES!" When throwing or pushing an object, or when violently bumping into an obstacle. Remember that its effectiveness is based on self-confidence. If you are unsure about your casting skills, you should use them sparingly.

Use them like any other verb if you use them in everyday conversation. It's not necessarily an exclamation. It's just fun to yell "YES" while something is flying around the room.

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You can go one step further by studying the verbs of Yes. We've put together a handy Yeet conjugation table for you in this article. You can also use this table as an information source. Note, however, that Webster's Dictionary does not yet recognize it as a word. Its definition may change over time, and educators may disapprove of the word as much as they have spent a century on "not" or "you all."

In other words, do not use it your next essay and do not say it to your boss. Otherwise, they could take you directly from there.

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