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What is an Instagram theme and should you have one? – LifeSavvy

  Colorful distribution of photos from the Pantone Instagram account
@ Pantone / Instagram

Every month, one billion people use Instagram. If you are one of those billions, why not get more out of your time in the app? With an Instagram theme, your posts pay off with new, loyal followers and a more impressive feed.

Instagram themes sync your posts under a single visual concept and provide you with an attractive, curated account. While not everyone needs an Instagram theme, it's a great way to make your Insta more visually appealing and entertaining. And for anyone who wants to use the platform for personal branding or sales, they are virtually indispensable.

Is an Instagram theme right for you? And if so, how can you decide (and stay) on a great topic? Here's everything you need to know to create a standout Instagram theme that will help your fan base grow naturally.

Why use an Instagram theme?

For an Instagram topic, all your posts are visually consistent. Your theme can be color-based: for example, you can only publish black-and-white images or just pastels. This may affect the theme: you can publish all beach photos or all portraits. It can be a larger image: use individual images to create a larger visual mosaic of smaller image "tiles." Or you have come up with something else.

For brands, an Instagram theme is an acronym for your "brand history" or the unique details of your business that customers love. For example, if you want to sell to the trendy minimalists, you can reflect this with a theme that contains simple images against a clean white background.

Instagram themes are also great for individuals. You can give people a clear idea of ​​who you are by simply looking over your Instagram. And they can make the job more entertaining by allowing you to pay for a nicer account.

Social media is all about your online presentation, and an Instagram theme can help make your posts feel more authentic and targeted. A great theme also attracts new followers, forcing more people to interact with your enviable account.

Creating an Instagram theme

Does this posting tactic sound right for you? Then you have to pick the best topic you want to work with.

Before choosing a topic, we encourage you to read our guide to creating a personal brand. If you know your personal brand, you will first receive valuable ideas.

In this sense, perform the following steps to a successful Insta topic.

Attacking Content First

First, You Must Do It Complete the challenge of deciding what type of content should be published.

Publishing articles to sell them is relatively easy. You want posts that showcase your products well. As an individual, the decision is more complicated. It helps you to first determine your purpose for your Instagram. Do you want to showcase your amazing general lifestyle? Feature food images to support your cooking blog? Publish daily outfit-of-the-day pictures?

  A series of photos with huts in the woods and their cozy interiors
@ thecabinland / Instagram

First, think about your goals and your audience and about the right kind of content to post will logically follow. You do not always have to publish the same topic, but in any case, if you want your topic to revolve around something specific, such as: B. food or travel. You can also see which of your previous posts received the most likes and comments, and publish content similar to your theme.

Including Bio

Instagram themes are mainly related to the pictures you've posted. However, do not forget to update your biography and display image to reflect your theme.

These static elements can give context to your topic, so people can see who you are and what you do right away. For example, if you're a wildlife photographer, your Instagram theme may be about beautiful examples of your work, all of which have been cropped and filtered in a similar way. But your biography tells people that you are a photographer so they know why you are taking nature photographs. They also learn how to get in touch with you – which is critical to any business or entrepreneur.

The tone of your biography may also reflect your theme. If you publish serious footage and captions, your biography should be serious too. But if your Instagram content is fun and carefree, a fun biography with emojis might work better.

Finally, your display image can show you the person behind the feed. (Unless you are publishing as a trademark, in which case you should use your logo.) The display image should also match the color scheme of your Insta design to create a coherent look that shows your attention to detail.

Choose a color history

Your Instagram theme should contain a color scheme. But that does not mean you just have to stick to one color – although you certainly can.

  Colorful, blue-green and pink photos from the Pantone Instagram account
@ Pantone / Instagram

Everything in black and white Pictures or all the pictures that have a pink tone can look beautiful. However, you can also use a color concept instead of a specific single tone. For example, your theme may contain vibrant primary colors, neutral tones, or muted, washed-out notes. Your posts could be bright and light or dark and moody. No matter what it is, be sure to choose something and stick with it.

It's also helpful to post pictures in groups with similar colors. For example, you can publish a series of photos that contain red, and then switch to photos that contain yellow. That way, your Instagram look is organized without having to confine yourself to a single color.

Select your filters

If you filter all your photos in a similar way, they look like they fit together when multiple colors are used. For example, a warm, muted filter will give your Instagram a vintage feel, while clean, cool filters will give it a modern feel. You can use multiple filters instead of a single filter, but all should have similar aesthetics.

If you're serious about photography, you might want to shoot all the images in a similar light. But for amateur photographers, filters can help to achieve the same effect.

Provide Visual Balance

Our eyes are naturally attracted to symmetry. And Instagram accounts, with photos arranged in rows of three, provide the perfect opportunity to make things symmetrical.

There are many ways to give symmetry to your subject. You could post an inspiring quote as a middle image in each row, flanked by photographs of people or places. You can make sure the photos in each row have similar colors. Or you can split your photos into "tiles" so that each post becomes a larger mosaic. Regardless of how you do it, you should pay attention to symmetry while posting.

Careful Trim

  Brilliantly cropped images with alternating white frame sizes
@ thegreycollective / Instagram

Cropping your photos in a similar fashion will also help give your feed a visual balance. A close-up account is different from an account with distant images surrounded by spaces. You can also add frames to make your photos look similar.

Prepare Account

If you've been on Instagram for a while, you probably have a lot of old images that do not fit your new theme. Once you start posting themed images, you can decide whether you want to delete the old images or just post them so frequently that they reach the bottom where only a few followers ever scroll.

Because you can not bulk-erase in Instagram Old posts, deleting the old material can be a challenge. However, you can use a third-party mass-delete app if you think that's the best way to do it. However, we recommend that you wait to delete your old posts until you're ready to fill your account with new ones. Otherwise, people looking for you in the meantime will find a blank, boring account that drives out potential followers.

Using an Instagram theme can help you gain more followers. This is a big bonus if you are an entrepreneur or a business owner. It can also turn your personal Instagram into a source of creative expression, making each post more fun and worthwhile. You do not have to use a topic if you prefer to publish randomly. But if you want your Instagram to impress your followers and display your personality, this is a great opportunity.

Is posting selfies part of your Instagram strategy? Here too we can help – read our guide to make better selfies next.

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