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What is the difference between My Photo Stream and iCloud Photos?

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Backing up your family photos before device failure is the key reason why backups exist. iCloud claims to back up all your photos "in the cloud," but its operation depends on the settings enabled.

My photostream vs. iCloud Photos

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"iCloud Photos" Do what you expect – all your photos will be stored in iCloud – when you take a photo on your iPhone, it instantly uploads to iCloud where it's backed up Even if you damage your phone, iCloud Photos will also send all the photos you've taken to your Mac and any other device you've connected to iCloud so everything is synchronized Internet is connected, and you have not disabled the iCloud Photo Library using mobile data.

iCloud Photos is great, but has a big problem: disk space, the free iCloud data plan offers only 5 GB of storage space, even compared to others Free downloads of services like Google Drive are extremely small, you can insert about 1600 images into 5GB of storage space, but that does not include videos and everything you need St still saved in iCloud.

iCloud Photos stops working when it's full. It fills up quickly, and if so, you'll be bothered with notifications prompting you to update.

 Annoying that iCloud storage is full notification

"My Photo Stream" is trying to solve this problem. Only the first 1000 pictures of the last month are saved and old pictures are removed from your photostream. This will give your Mac or other devices plenty of time to sync with iCloud and save your pictures on your other devices. Your images are not stored in the cloud, but you do not have to back them up manually on your computer. If one of your devices breaks down, you still have all your photos on your other devices.

As long as you do not damage all devices at the same time, My Photo Stream makes sure that you have photos of your device's copies. The main problem with this is that your pictures are not automatically downloaded to this device when you purchase a new device or upgrade your phone, as My Photo Stream stores only the latest photos. You'll need to manually upload photos from your Mac to your new phone, and if you do not have a Mac, you're out of luck, unless you have enough room in iCloud to enable iCloud Photos.

Should you use?

If you're happy with the $ 0.99 payment per month for the 50GB iCloud level, use iCloud Photos. This is a much better solution and less hassle than My Photo Stream. And if you're really worried about losing your photos, choose this option because all your photos will be backed up as long as you have your iCloud account.

If you have multiple devices and take lots of pictures, Foto Stream is good to use. It's great for syncing photos between devices. As long as you use both devices regularly, your images will be backed up to any existing device. If you are upgrading, you will encounter some problems and need to manually move your images to a new device, so this is not the best option. It's best to get a backup plan for your Mac just to make sure everything is safe.

If you do not take lots of pictures or use iCloud, you can keep iCloud Photos up to your computer 5 GB are full. If this is the case, you have to decide if you want to pay more space or switch to Photo Stream.

Do not use Photo Stream if you only have a single device or not. Use your second device regularly and sync it with iCloud. Your old photos have disappeared if you damage your main unit. If you have a single device and more than 5 GB of images, you'll need to spend more storage or move your photos to a storage service, such as Google Drive.

You have other options to automatically back up your iPhone's photos, too. For example, you can save an unlimited number of photos using Google Photos.

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