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What is Verizon Visible and is it a good deal?


New and existing Verizon Visible customers can now free themselves from the carrier's speed limit. The offer is limited in time.

John Falcone / CNET

The Big News Today: Verizon Visible has just dropped the maximum speed limit for data from his unlimited plan and made an already pretty good offer even better. Ah, but how good is pretty good and how much better is it now? Let's dive into this Verizon option, which surprisingly few people know.

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Visible is an unlimited tariff of $ 40 – now required with fewer restrictions

contract and a monthly payment of $ 40 USD – Taxes and Fees Included – Get unlimited calls, text and data through Verizon's 4G VoLTE network. There is no limit to the amount of data you can use, and fortunately, there is no speed limit anymore. Instead of being limited to 5 Mbps, you can now enjoy Verizon to the maximum.

There is one exception: the mobile hotspot (included in the plan) continues to reach 5 Mbps. Further information can be found on the page "Visible FAQ".

It is compatible with selected Android phones and iPhones.

Originally available only for the iPhone, Visible now also works with some other Android models: the Galaxy S9 ($ 500 at Walmart) and the S9 Plus, Pixel 3 (460 USD at Walmart) and 3 XL and a Visible R2 manufactured by ZTE. In the coming weeks, the mobile operator will include the models Pixel 3a ($ 400 at Amazon) and Moto G7 Power in the product lineup.

To make sure your phone is working properly, use Visible Phone Compatibility Checker.

How to pay for Visible

This is another big departure from Verizon. Registration and payment via the Visible App. There is no online portal and no registration in the shop. And although you can pay for Visible with a standard credit card, you can also use PayPal and even Venmo.

As already mentioned, it is a contract-free prepaid service, so you can cancel at any time without penalty.

What are the alternatives?

Visible is not the only cost-effective alternative to Verizon. The other Big Four carriers also have offshoot options. For example, AT & T's Cricket Wireless offers an unlimited $ 40 tariff ($ 35 for automatic payment), but with only 5GB of high-speed data.

Sprint offers prepaid service from Boost and Tello, while T-Mobile is available in more affordable versions of Metro and Mint Mobile.

However, Verizon continues to score top marks in terms of network speed and coverage, and with Visible you can take advantage of most network operator services for a flat, affordable monthly rate. What do you think? Is Visible with the Verizon network and some decidedly competitive prices on your radar?

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Originally posted on May 11, 2018.
Updated on June 26, 2019: New information added.

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