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What on earth is a smart pillow? – Check geek

  A woman sleeping on a Zeeq Smart Pillow
ZEEQ / Rem-Fit

Everything is fine these days. From kettles to sneakers, nothing is sacred. And while the idea of ​​a smart pillow confuses us like nothing else, we have to admit; They are neat.

Smart pillows in many shapes and sizes

Unlike other products like toasters and nasal hair cutters, there are smart pillows in various shapes and sizes. Some smart pillows are exactly what you expect: pillows with integrated electronics. Others are just thin electronic inserts that fit into an existing pillow. Some are even equipped with funky bedside controllers.

Regardless of form factor, smart pillows have only a handful of intelligent features. Some smart pillows are designed to prevent snoring, others serve as a sleeping lane, and some smart pillows like the ZEEQ aim to pack all sorts of smart pillow features into a single pack.

How do smart pillows work? What features can I expect in a smart pillow and is a smart pillow really worth $ 1

00 to $ 200?

It's a personal bedtime audio solution

Some people like to hear music or white noise while they sleep. Emphasis on "some people". If your stars are not perfectly aligned, there is a good chance that you will share a bed with a very light sleep.

Smart cushions like the Dreampad and the ZEEQ offer an interesting solution to this problem. They have built-in Bluetooth speakers, so you can hear music or white noise without disturbing your partner. Is this the best way to listen to music? Of course not. For some people, however, it is better to sleep in silence (or to part with a white noise over a machine).

You can also use the built-in speakers of a smart pillow to quietly watch a pair of earphones at night. Keep in mind that the intelligent cushion speakers are embedded in a lot of foam, so the sound is a bit muffled. You also have to press your ear against the pillow to hear something.

It is an effective remedy for snoring (or relationship problems).

  A woman using the smart pillow Moona.

Okay, so smart pillows can make your music quiet. That's neat. But you can also silence one thing your partner does not like to hear in bed – Sie .

Or at least stop your snoring. In most (if not all) cases, snoring is caused by a clogged airway. Maybe you're lying in bed laughing or just too much tissue in your throat. In any case, the throat and nasal tissues vibrate when your airways are blocked, causing a snoring sound. It's like one of those noisy rubber chicken, but with a lesser inclination.

Smart pillows can detect your snoring and encourage you to move your head using a small vibration motor (such as a cell phone vibration). Some smart pillows, such as the Goodnite Anti-Snore solution, even have built-in airbags that tilt your head without waking you up.

They are inconspicuous sleep trackers.

A smart pillow can improve the quality of your sleep (and improve your partner's sleep by eliminating the snoring and personalizing sleep playlists.) Like a smartwatch, a smart pillow can track, record, and rate your sleep quality-of course, these features usually work with Google Assistant and Alexa.

While this may sound a bit more comfortable than wearing a FitBit all night long, it is far from accurate.Switchwatches track your sleep by monitoring your heart rate and physical activity, while smart pillows can help you sleep track them by checking for changes in weight distribution or by listening to your breath with a microphone.

Most smart pillows are equipped with robust sleep tracking apps and as such can serve as a great alternative to a smartwatch when you it hate jewelry in Be tt to wear. Although they do not work nearly as well as a portable sleep tracker, they can still tell you whether you are struggling in bed or not, and they can advise you when to enter different phases of sleep.

Smart, silent and punchable alarm clock

  A closeup of the intelligent Moona pillow

Built-in speakers? Sleep tracking? It's easy to see where that leads. When used properly, some smart pillows can determine your normal sleeping pattern and decide when to wake you up. This is a feature that has been around in smartwatches for some time, but Smart Pillows can throw sounds into your skull, which should get you out of bed faster than a vibrating watch (without waking up your partner).

As with any alarm clock, the alarm clock of a Smart Pillow can be set to different volumes. With some intelligent anti-snoring cushions with built-in motors, you can set vibration alarms instead of audible alarms.

It would be nice to clear the alert with an ankle sandwich, but the snooze feature is available on most smarts pillows is embedded in a phone app. But hey, you can still hit your pillow in the morning, we will not stop you.

These are usually only cushion inserts.

In general, smart pillows move around the $ 200 price range, which is a bit of an investment. And to be honest, most smart pillow features are extremely niche. In some people, they may not even work so well.

So it's a bit annoying that most smart pillows are only insoles. For example, the Dreampad and Moona can be placed in your pillowcase to play your music and track your sleep. Some smart pillows, such as the ZEEQ and iSense, are current pillows with cooling fibers, expensive memory foam and additional memory foam to adjust the strength. However, most smart pillows are not supplied with an actual pillow.

Should you buy a smart pillow? Well, if you want sleep tracking, anti-snoring technology, personal audio, and a punchy alarm clock in a handy package, then maybe it's worth the investment. That aside, only a few smart pillows like the ZEEQ, iSense, and Moona offer all of these features. Other smart pillows, such as the Dreampad, are designed specifically for music and white noise.

If you are limited to just one of these features, you can skip the Smart Pillow and save some money. Do you want personal bedtime audio? Put a pair of earphones in your pillowcase. Do you want to stop snoring? Buy a cheap mouthguard. Do you want to track your sleep? Grab a $ 70 FitBit.

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