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What was the first console video game to save a player's progress?

Answer: The Legend of Zelda

Early arcade games were meant to be played in a single session, often as a kind of skill test in which the player tried to get as far as possible and / or earn the most points , When video game consoles arrived, they gave you the same gaming experience you would find in an arcade – you played as long as you could to get as many points as you could. The Legend of Zelda (1

9459008) in 1987 (North America and Europe) was a radical change in console play. The golden Legend of Zelda cartridge contained an internal battery that contained a small RAM chip that saved a player's progress. For the first time ever, console players could save the game at any time and recall it later. The games were no longer limited to delivery after the race-to-the-finish goal. For this reason, the size of the universe in the game and the complexity of the game could be greatly expanded, as the designers knew that players could finish the game in their free time in several sessions.

The expanded game and environment was a hit with the players. The Legend of Zelda was the first Nintendo game to sell the million-mark mark, eventually selling 6.5 million copies, and is one of the most praised video games in history.

Courtesy of Nintendo.

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