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What's new in Chrome 74, arrival on April 23rd

  Google Chrome

The stable version of Chrome 74 will land on April 23. These include a dark mode on Windows, incognito detection blocking, support for media keys in PiP, various enhancements for Chrome OS, and more.

It's worth noting that these are all features provided in Chrome 74, but always by chance they will not make it to final release and will be pushed to 75 (or beyond). However, we expect that at least most of it will be seen in 74, even if still behind a flag.

Dark Mode for Windows

  Google Chrome Dark Mode on Windows

Chrome 73 was a huge release and came bundled with a darker Mac mode. With Chrome 74, it will be officially available for Windows. Even cooler is that Chrome follows the system settings. If you've turned on dark mode in Windows, Chrome will take that into account. The same applies to the light mode.

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Blocking Incognito Detection

Some websites use a trick to detect when a user uses Incognito mode for improved tracking and advertising. As of Chrome 74, websites can not recognize incognito mode, so you can really browse. It's also worth noting that this feature may not initially be available in the main system settings, but it should be available behind a flag. It will probably go beyond the flag and be available to everyone in Chrome 75.

Support for PiP Video Media Keys

In Chrome 70, Google has enabled PiP video support (Picture-in-Picture), so users can jump to videos from their tab and hover over other things. In Chrome 74, these PiP windows get extra functionality with support for keyboard media player controls.

The word on the street is that PiP windows should eventually get a mute button, although this is unclear in Chrome 74 or higher.

Motion Reduction

Some users have motion problems when using parallax scrolling or zoom because of Chrome's animation features. Chrome 74 has an option to disable these features. It sounds like websites have to take this setting into account, so it may not work on all websites on the web.

Lots of Chrome OS extras: support for Linux container backups, USB access, and more

 Chrome Flags

Although the items listed above are probably the most important things for the browser itself There are a lot of things going on for Chrome OS, especially for Linux apps.

Linux Container Backups [19659020] A new Linux container backup and restore feature is being introduced in Chrome OS 74, allowing users to easily back up and restore their entire Linux container, including all files and installed applications.

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Audio Support for Linux Apps

Up to this point, Linux apps have not supported audio playback. From Chrome OS 74, this should change. This means that Linux music and video players will work much better in the future. You know, if you have been waiting for it.

GPU Acceleration for Linux Apps

Similar to the audio support for Linux apps, Chrome OS 74 should also bring […] GPU acceleration – at least until some baseboards It looks like the initial one Introduction to certain Chromeboxes could be limited, but this should pave the way to roll out on all Chrome OS devices with Linux support soon after.

USB device access in Linux apps

If you're looking for the days when you could debug your Android phone with your Chromebook's Linux terminal (God, what a sentence), the Time is near. From 74, apps running in Linux containers can access USB devices. This feature is currently in Chrome 74 beta ( chrome: // flags / # crostini-usb-support ), which is likely to be the case in the stable version as well.

Linux Search and Install Apps

If you have not gathered yet, Chrome OS 74 puts a lot of emphasis on Linux apps. With another new feature, users can search and install new Linux apps directly in the launcher. It shows currently installed applications as well as applications already installed and possibly (hopefully?) New applications that are available for installation. This also makes the installation of new Linux apps easy . That's cool.

This is currently in Chrome OS 74 Beta ( chrome: // flags / # crostini-app-search ) behind a flag and will probably remain there. [19659003] RELATED: Setting Up and Using Linux Apps on Chromebooks

A Fix for Hangouts Jankiness

There's a bug that causes Hangouts video chat something delayed poor performance on Chrome OS. As reported for the first time in "About Chromebooks", this is probably resolved in 74. Well.

Looking Forward: Chrome 75 and Beyond

Compared to previous versions, Chrome 74 has some features. It feels like an emergency solution to pave the way for the bigger things, many of which . Here's what you can expect from Chrome 75 and more.

  • Sending Tabs: You can send tabs directly from one device to another. So if you want to read on your phone and transfer it to your PC, you can do that. I can not wait any longer.
  • Block Drive-by Download: This prevents automatic downloads that are generated within ad frames. You know, a security thing.
  • Focus mode: This will remove the omnibox, the bookmarks bar, and any other potentially distracting items from the tabs, and display them in separate panes – for focusing.
  • A separate menu for extensions: This would remove extensions from the main menu to create a cleaner experience. For more information, see Techdows.
  • Automatic Image Descriptions: A new accessibility setting allows Chrome to automatically detect image descriptions for the visually impaired.
  • Smoother Scrolling: This image was provided by Microsoft and Microsoft originally comes from Edge. Thank you, Microsoft!
  • Block Motion and Light Sensor: You can ban websites from accessing motion or light sensors on your devices.
  • New setup screen: The first run experience will show a makeover in 75.
  • Reader Mode: I would say this is one of the most requested features for Chrome, and it looks like it would finally be 75.

Chrome OS will also receive a number of new features I am looking forward to the Linux applications:

  • Changing the Linux container size: Give your Linux installation more space.
  • Install PWSs from the Omnibox: This will allow Progressive Web Apps to be added quickly to your Chromebook.
  • USB Access and Search Results for Linux Apps: As mentioned above, these are likely to appear as flags in Chrome OS 74, but they should be officially supported in Stable 75.
  • Daily Chained Monitors: You can currently connect multiple monitors to a Chrome OS device with a suitable dock, but soon monitors will be connected in series. That should make for a tighter setup.
  • Android VPN Support in Linux Apps: Android VPN apps currently work for Android and Chrome apps, but will soon support Linux apps as well.

There are undoubtedly more features in the works for Chrome 74 (and beyond) – This is just a look at some of the key things that should be displayed. You can take a closer look at all the little details on the Chrome status page.

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