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When (and why) you should stop reading a book – LifeSavvy

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If you don't finish a book, it will be poorly received, but sometimes it's the best decision you can make. Find out when it is time to stop here.

People read for many reasons: to do something better, to learn, because it is professionally required, and so on. The best reason to read, however, is fun! There is nothing better than delving into a good book.

If you are reading for pleasure, it is obvious that you should enjoy the book you are reading. If you are afraid of any page, make excuses, fail to read, or are constantly distracted by your phone, something is wrong. Let's think about when you should stop reading a book.

Reasons why you should stop reading a book

Most of the time you do not have to read a book . You don't have to get ready, but this can be difficult for enthusiastic readers to understand. Some people sneak through anyway, and that's not the best idea.

If you do not read something for work or because of a social obligation ̵

1; for example the book that your mother wrote or the absolute favorite of your friends novel – then read it yourself. And if you read something for yourself , you can stop at any time.

Don't get me wrong now. I'm not saying that you should file a book that you find a bit boring or difficult. Some of the best books are slow beginners or difficult to learn. There are many times when you should make an uncomfortable start, but there are also times when you should stop.

You hate it

The first clue that you should file a book is if you hate something about it. I am not talking about slight aversion or the ups and downs. I am talking about broad objections to the existence of a character or the moral direction in which the book is going. If a character brings your blood to a boil or the language is so offensive that you feel the need to go to confession, you should step back.

One major limitation here, however, is that great books often make you feel uncomfortable. Fang 22 and 1984 should not make you happy. You can write a book at any time, but be careful just because you think or feel feelings that you don't like. This is usually the time when you know you should go ahead.

You cannot read it

There are some books that I simply cannot read – On the Road, on the one hand. There is something that knocks me down faster than a Valium. No matter how hard I try, I can only read a few pages. These types of books are difficult to predict. Based on the description on the back of the book, I should worship On the Road .

If there is a book that puts you to sleep or ignored on your shelf for months, it may be time to accept that you just won't read it. Unplug it and decide that it's not for you.

It is not right, right now

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Almost all enthusiastic readers have a book (or books) that they are reading at exactly the right moment. These books define certain periods of our lives or inspire us to do things. These are some of the most important books we'll ever read – and sometimes they come at the wrong time.

When I was a teenager I tried to read The Great Gatsby and it just wasn't for me. I did not understand it. I thought it was overrated. I tried again last year and loved it, devouring it all on one flight with red eyes and messing up my sleeping schedule for weeks. While nothing had changed in Gatsby, everything in me had changed.

Sometimes you get the feeling that a book is good, but not the one you need right now. Maybe you just went through a breakup and don't want to read a harrowing love story. You may not want to read about orphans shortly after your son is born. Whatever the reason, if you think a book isn't right for you, put it aside.

I finished Terry Pratchett's last novel The Shepherd & # 39; s Crown after only a few pages. Pratchett is my absolute favorite author, but the book wasn't for me at the moment. I wasn't ready to read everything he had ever written and say goodbye. I'll read it one day, but not today.

When to Assert Yourself

There are two types of fun: Type One and Type Two. Type one fun is things that are just fun, like roller coasters and hanging out with friends. Type Two is fun afterwards, like a hard hike or CrossFit. There are also Type One and Type Two books.

Some books are wonderful to read and some books are wonderful to read. It is important not to give up the latter too early.

Neal Stephenson is one of my favorite speculative novelists. The Baroque Cycle his Magnum opus, is an epic with eight books, one million words and several thousand pages. There are hundreds of characters and the books span decades. As a big Stephenson fan, I knew I had to read it, but I won't lie and say it was fun. Every volume was huge. The whole project took months. There have been long periods of time in the books when nothing much has happened, but in the end it was worth it because I love reading it.

If a book is really important to you – either because of what it is about or who wrote it – then it is worth going through, even if it is not much fun at first. It will be a great pleasure for you to have read it.

This can apply to the classics. Books such as 1984 and Animal Farm are so relevant to modern conversations that it's probably worth ending to know what people are talking about if you're not a big fan Mention "Big Brother".

I mentioned earlier that putting a book away when you feel uncomfortable is not a good reason. If it makes you think about things you haven't had before, this is often one of the best reasons to keep reading.

How much is enough?

The hardest part of leaving a book is knowing when to do it. When do you know it's not worth pushing through a book?

When you get used to throwing the towel on books, it can be easy to start too early. A chapter is often not enough to get a feel for a book. I try for about 20%. When a book is 300 pages, I read at least the first 60. At this point, the plot should start and I should have a good grasp of the characters. I give longer books more leeway because they are often slower to get started.

Whatever you do, do not feel guilty if you decide to put a book down and continue. Life is too short to browse books you don't like.

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