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When is the Amazon Prime Day 2018?


The Prime Day of the past year was the 11th of July (but started on the 10th of July and ended on the 12th of July). When will it happen this year?


Amazon Prime Day is coming soon. Probably very soon.

But when? Amazon has not made any official announcement yet. But just as we can expect the next iPhone to be announced in the first 2 weeks of September ̵

1; as in recent years – we can make a well-founded guess as to where Prime Day will end up this year based on its short history [19659006] The first Prime Day was Wednesday, July 15, 2015.
  • The second Prime Day was Tuesday, July 12, 2016.
  • The third Prime Day was a multi-day affair that began late Monday, July 10 2017 ran all Tuesday, July 11, and ended early on Wednesday, July 12.
  • So: The last two Prime Days took place on the second Tuesday in July (give or take). So here is our official conjecture :

    Prime Day 2018 is expected to be Tuesday, July 10, but may also include Monday, July 9, and Wednesday, July 11.

    I know: genius at work! To be clear, this assumption is a rate and nothing more. And Amazon did not respond to our request for comment. (We'll update the post if and as soon as we receive a confirmation.)

    Meanwhile, it should be noted that Amazon used most of its own equipment at Fast-Prime-Day-Selling Prices until Father's Day sold.

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