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Which novel is Stephen King's longest?

  Cover of the Stand
Doubleday Publishing

Answer: The Stand

The Stand Aside from being one of Stephen King's oldest and best-known works, keeping absolutely relentless is a record resign. At its first publication in 1

978, King was the largest volume ever with 823 pages. Eight years later, in 1986, he blew this record with a whopping 1,138 pages from the water.

That could have been the end of the whole affair, with record to this day, but The Stand came swinging out of the ropes. When the book was originally published, Doubleday Publishing King had warned that the book had been too long, and the printing costs (and the resulting consumer costs) would be too high for the market to be able to carry around 150,000 words from the original manuscript. In 1990, King and Doubleday, now supported by Kings Star novelists, published an untrimmed edition of The Stand which weighed in at a whopping 1,152 pages.

There's a good chance that King's will be the longest-running book The fight, however, is certainly not over, as King still produces long works ( Under the Dome published in 2009, which brings Scale at 1,074 pages). It could just be a record breaking novel in the wings.

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