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Why should not you download iOS 12 yet?

With the release of iOS 12 through Apple's public beta program, it may be very tempting to install the beta on your primary iOS device. Trust me, I understand it.

However, it's a beta version for a good reason. Features will change, apps will break, and bugs will be found. And dealing with it on a daily basis can be enough to get you filing (after all, it's possible to roll back to iOS 11). Instead of just installing iOS 12, there are only a few reasons why you should wait.


Actually, the first iOS 12 beta was probably the smoothest first iOS beta I've ever installed on a device. There were only a few graphical issues, mostly with apps that were not optimized for the iPhone X ($ 800 at Cricket Wireless) . Battery life has stayed the same, and I only had a handful of app powers nearby.

Do you know what else happened? Random restarts and many of them. A quick change from one app to another would often trigger a reboot.

I can not find any flaws with Apple ̵

1; it's normal for the course with a beta operating system, but dealing with such issues is not everything anyone wants to deal with

The number and type of issues with each beta changes with each update. So this update could (and was) a solid beta version, but the next one could have a terrible battery life. You never know what to break.

Not all new features available

Even though Apple announced that FaceTime now has group calls in iOS 12, that does not mean you can really test it now. At least not with friends and family members who still use iOS 11.

Or take the new Siri Shortcuts feature as an example. Right now, it's really rough around the edges. The custom shortcuts have no instructions and real actions, not to mention the official shortcuts app that can not be found anywhere.

What Apple announces on stage during the keynote and what's currently available in beta are two very different things. Imagine the keynote as a presentation, like the light at the end of the tunnel, and the beta builds there as part of the journey.

Watch this:

Limit your screen time with iOS 12


Worst Case Scenario

I'll fix that only because it happened to me: Beta builds can cause you to reset your device and lose everything.

In my situation, something went awry during the installation of an OTA beta update and my iPhone SE ($ 300 at Amazon.com) was bricked. A white screen with the Apple logo is all I could get from it, and it took hours of troubleshooting to bring it back to a working device.

Again it comes with the territory and was something I would have to do to act. If you do not feel the same way, beta builds are best left alone.

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