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Why you should own an impact wrench – Review Geek

  A DEWALT impact wrench on a toolbox.
Jonny Essex / Shutterstock

Impact wrenches are among the most cost-effective tools you can buy and instantly improve your DIY life. I waited years before I bought an impact wrench and immediately regretted not having bought one earlier. Do not be me ̵

1; buy one now.

Many people refuse to buy an impact wrench when they learn that a power drill does everything an impact wrench does, and more. After all, a drill can drill holes (right there in the name) and screw in screws. For this reason, the tool is usually referred to in downtown shops as a drill / impact wrench.

Impact wrenches, on the other hand, can only drive fastening elements (such as screws, anchor bolts or anchor bolts). However, if you know what an impact wrench is and how it works, you want to own it.

What is an impact wrench?

An impact wrench is a tool specially developed for driving fasteners. At first glance, the body of an impact wrench looks like a drill, and you might mistake them. The main differences make the impact wrench better in its work than a drill.

A drill presses a motor to rotate the drill chuck holding your drill or screwdriver. It's simple and effective, but does not offer much torque.

On the other hand, an impact wrench contains additional components. If you take one apart, you will find a motor, a spring, a mortising hammer and a rod-shaped anvil. When you pull the trigger, the motor turns like a drill.

When the impact wrench encounters resistance (for example, through the wood you screw into), the spring snaps into place by pulling back. It then releases, pushing the rotating hammer forward. That strikes and turns the anvil turning the collet holding your driver bit. Here is a video showing the process in slow motion.

If you use an impact wrench, you can feel and hear the anvil beats. It is easy to imagine that the impact is a pure downward force, but it turns more than vertical. This results in a high torque without much pressure on the arm. Therefore, impact wrenches can drive better screws than drills.

When should an impact wrench be used?

If you've come along You already have a good idea of ​​when to use an impact wrench. If you need to drill pilot holes, still use a drill. While a drill has a chuck that can accommodate either round or hex drills, an impact wrench uses a collet system that only accepts hex drills that are used to drive in bolts or draw bolts with an adapter. An impact wrench does not need drills.

However, if you want to hammer in a fastener, you must pull out the impact wrench. The higher torque and higher power make it easier to drive fasteners into the material (wood, metal, etc.). The thicker the material, the clearer the difference becomes.

Not only is the impact wrench faster, but it is also less likely to remove a screw, resulting in cleaner results. That's true, even if you forgot to drill a pilot hole.

  A wooden board with two screws, the left screw is stripped and the right screw is intact.
Josh Hendrickson

In picture I above I had two screws screwed into a thick plate. I did not drill full pilot holes, just a start hole to keep my screws straight. I used a drill for the left screw, and I used the impact wrench for the right screw. As you can see, the drill has removed the screw on the left side while the impact wrench did not.

Impact wrenches save you extra time as they not only drive fasteners quickly and cleanly. If you have both a drill and an impact wrench, you will spend less time changing parts. With just one drill insert a drill bit, then a screwdriver, then a drill again and repeat the process. You only exchange the tools if you own both.

Inserting a screwdriver into an impact wrench is easier and faster. For a drill, you need to insert the drill, hold the chuck, then pull the trigger and try to get a tight fit. Using an impact wrench, gently pull out the collet, push the drill in and release it. That was it's.

Adding an impact wrench to your toolset will save you more than enough time to justify the cost.

The Best Impact Wrenches

Before you make any specific recommendations, you should know that most impact wrenches are most similar to most. Some may have some minor features that are not found on others, but in general, whichever manufacturer you choose for your tools is more personal than anything else.

In other words, if you already own a specific manufacturer's battery system, such as Ryobi or Dewalt, then you should buy an impact wrench from this company. Either you do not have to buy another battery, or the supplied battery works with your other tools.

If you do not have a tooling system yet, here are some recommendations for getting started Impact Wrench:

The Best Drill and Impact Wrench Combination Kit: DEWALT DCK240C2 20V Lithium Drill / Impact Wrench Combination Kit

  A DEWALT impact wrench and drill combination kit with batteries, charger and case.

If you do not have a power drill yet, the DEWALT Combo Kit gives you everything you need to get started. You will receive the drill, the impact wrench, two batteries, a charger and a carrying case.

DEWALT is a well-known manufacturer with an extensive range of tools that use the same battery systems. A limited three-year limited warranty should ensure that your tools will last for a long time. Like most impact wrench kits, you get 1.3 Ah batteries, but you can also use larger DEWALT batteries.

Best Drill and Impact Wrench Combo Kit

Best Impact Wrench: DEWALT DCF885C1 Impact Wrench Kit

 ] A DEWALT impact wrench with battery, charger and case.

If you already own a power drill, you do not have to buy a combo kit. Only one impact driver will suffice. The DEWALT Impact Driver Kit contains everything you need, including battery and charger. So it surpasses some other impact wrenches like Ryobi's, which are often not supplied with a battery.

DEWALT gives a three-year warranty on the impact wrench, and you get on a slightly larger 1.5 Ah battery than the estate kit.

The best impact wrench

The best value for money impact wrench: BLACK + DECKER BDCI20C impact wrench

  A Black & Decker impact wrench with battery.
Black & Decker

If you do not join in Do not need a drill or impact wrench too often, then 100 USD or more is a big challenge for an impact wrench. Black & Decker offers a more cost-conscious option without big losses.

This impact wrench comes with a powerful 2 Ah battery, but with less torque and a shorter warranty than the DEWALT offers. You also do not get a carry case, but as a bonus, it has storage for one bit right on the tool.

The Best Budget Impact Driver

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