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Wi-Fi is not working? Here are some possible fixes to try

  Does your Wi-Fi not work?

If your Wi-Fi does not work, you can try a number of things that you do not need any technical knowledge for. Each solution takes only a few minutes, so you can go through the entire list in no time.

Below are some of the common fixes that will hopefully solve your Wi -Fi related issues. Let's go.

Start with the basics

  Android 9 Pie Report Quick Settings Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mobile, Vibrate

If your Wi-Fi is not working, the first thing you need to do is to check the most basic settings , Start by checking if you have Wi-Fi enabled on your device. Also make sure that the flight mode is not activated because your device can not connect to the Internet.

If these two issues are checked, the next step is to make sure you're connected to the right router. Attempting to connect to your neighbor's network is a common mistake, especially if they have similar names consisting of random letters and numbers. Also, make sure you check the password for your router. If you did not change the device after setting up the network, you will find it on a sticker on your router.

Disable Bluetooth if your Wi-Fi does not work

  Bluetooth on Android

Bluetooth likes to bother Wi-Fi networks, mainly because both send signals over a 2.4GHz radio frequency. Sometimes Bluetooth turns off access to the Internet completely, while in other cases it slows down the speed considerably.

To solve the problem, switch your router to the 5 GHz band.

This is easy to test. Just turn off Bluetooth on your device when you turn it on and see if it solves the problem. If this is the case, we recommend that you switch your router from a 2.4 GHz band to a 5 GHz band – if supported – so that you can use Bluetooth on your device without any problems with the WLAN occur. You can change this in the settings of your router.

Restart your router and device.

  Samsung Galaxy S10 Display

This is a simple solution that is known to solve many technical problems. Restart the Router: Disconnect all cables from the device and wait a few minutes. After reconnecting the device, wait one to two minutes for the device to be set up. While waiting, start your phone, tablet, laptop, or other device that you also use.

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When your device and router are operational again, enable Wi-Fi to see if the issue has been resolved. If not, it is time to move on to the next step.

Other solutions if the Wi-Fi does not work

  Restart an Android phone

If this is not the case So far it has worked, there are a few others that you can try. Here are some of the most common:

  • Closer: The reason that your wireless network is not working may be due to being too far away from the router. Grab your device and bring it as close as possible to the router. Then try to establish an online connection.
  • Troubleshooting: If you have Wi-Fi issues on your Windows PC, right-click on it Click the Fi icon on the taskbar, select the "Fix problems" option and wait until the device fulfills its task. The whole process takes less than a minute and has solved my connection problems many times.
  • Forget the Wi-Fi network and reconnect: This is another quick and easy fix. The process differs depending on the device and operating system. However, if you're using an Android handset, you'll find the Wi-Fi option in Settings and choose your network. This opens a window with some information, which also contains the "Forget" button. Tap the button and reconnect to the same network.
  • Perform a factory reset: This is far from the best option, but if nothing else works, a factory reset can do the job. It erases all data from your device – including the software errors that can cause the connection problems – and restores the original settings. Before you walk down this street, however, you should back up the data on your device. Click here to learn how to perform a factory reset on an Android device.

Making a call

  Wi-Fi is not working

Have you tested any of the fixes in this post other than yours? Wi-Fi still does not work? If so, there is a possibility that you need to make a call. Before you do this, try to find out if the problem is with your device or router. Try connecting as many devices as possible to your Wi-Fi network. If none of them can go online, the problem is with the router or the network. However, if only one of them can not connect, there may be a problem with that particular device.

In the first case, call your ISP. He can check if any work is going on in your area that could interfere with the network or if there is a problem with your router. If the router is to blame, your ISP will send you another for replacement – this has happened to me three times in three years.

If your device is causing the Wi-Fi issues that you have you must have it repaired. In this case, contact the manufacturer if the device is still under warranty or the dealer if you have chosen one of the additional insurance packages that it offers. If both have already expired, you must have it repaired at your own expense – excuse that.

These are some of the most basic and common solutions to your wireless network problems, even if they are not the only ones. Has one of them solved your connection problems? Let us know which ones in the comments!

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