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Winamp 5.8 Beta is official, now Lama-friendly

The tech world got really excited recently with the news that Winamp was supposed to come back with a completely new version that would solve all our problems listening to music. And now the official Winamp 5.8 is available for download. Great, right?

If you want to download it yourself, go directly to winamp.com and get a copy. It's even lama-friendly for some reason now.

What's up with Winamp 5.8?

This new version is basically the same as last month's expired beta, which added Windows 10 compatibility, removed all broken stuff and dropped all pro features, so it's freeware again. It's a lot better than before, but it's still a bit buggy.

If you have a high-resolution / 4K monitor … Winamp is very, very broken. It's hilariously bad.

If you're using a modern skin, you can fix it by right-clicking on each window and choosing Window Settings -> Scaling -> 200%)

Will there be new builds after that?

As we did recently, the company Winamp now owns is planning to bring it back … as a mobile app. There is no indication that they will continue adding new features or fixing anything to the 5.8 branch, and the download site even says a clear language:

This version is not a running project, but be sure we are working hard on a future new Winamp.

The version number on the download page actually uses the infinity symbol instead of the number 8.

It is possible that they will release a few minor changes or security fixes, but the fact remains that the Winamp does not come back and is replaced by something else called Winamp, most likely only for mobile devices. Will that be great? There is no way to know that.

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