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Would you have Walmart put food directly in your fridge? – Check geek

  Walmart InHome

Walmart announced this morning a new service called "InHome" that allows orders to be placed online and delivered directly to your refrigerator. Not your front door ̵

1; an employee comes into your house and provides your food for you. Yes. So here's the thing, the knee-jerk reaction in, well, almost everyone is "what? No!" – I included. But after thinking a bit about it, I think it's a use case for even though he is incredibly niche,

I think the biggest argument in favor of this kind of service is for the disabled – for immobile people, it's hard to do such things for themselves At least it's worth investigating to be able to help simplify a small part of their lives. Sure, these people also have janitors who can do something for them, but even a minor relief from those janitors would be helpful.

Es there are also cases of immunocompromised people – chemotherapy patients, transplant recipients, etc. These people can not be near large groups of people (especially at the beginning of treatment, if the immune system is the weakest), so this kind of service could be of benefit to them as well. There is an argument that a simple grocery delivery service would be enough, which is true. But often, people who are dealing with a weakened immune system are also sick or do not have the strength to physically pick up shopping bags and carry them into another room.

But yes, for most people this is probably a bad idea. Walmart says that employees have to be in the company "for at least a year" before they let them through your door, but even then I'm skeptical. If you want to give it a try, the service will be launched later this year in Kansas City, MI. Pittsburgh, PA; and Vero Beach, FL.

I'd like to hear your thoughts on this – would you let Walmart (or another company) home to store food for you?

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