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WoW Classic Class Guide: Best Classes for Solo & Group Games

World of Warcraft Classic dates back to 2004 and was a pioneer of many basic MMO functions that the genre still holds near its chest. It's a game in which the idea of ​​grinding is far hidden, and it takes a long time to reach the maximum level. Any decision you make will cost you either dozens of hours of play or a lot of in-game money that's not easy to obtain.

If you switch classes, you must create a new character and start over from scratch. A class that you enjoy playing before spending too much time on it. This WoW Classic guide is designed to help you find a class that suits your playing style and provide some helpful tips that can greatly reduce the time you need to climb.

Choosing Your Class in WoW Classic

  WoW Classic Classes

You can not swap your sword for a wand and expect to continue where you left off in World of Warcraft Classic to have. Every decision is important; From the class you choose from the beginning to the individual talent points you collect along the way. Most classes can handle individual and group content well, but some are better than the others.

Given the cost of reimbursing the talent that comes with every new litter, you'll want a selection that suits you best. Total trip to 60 in the first place. In the following we will guide you through each class, their preferred roles and how to specify them for the simplest level experience.


My personal favorite of the group, Warrior, is for most of you your pretty standard melee DPS part. You can basically use any melee weapon in the game, but the Whirlwind Ax obtained from a level 30 quest can take them up to 60. There is a lack of real self-sufficiency, but the higher defense provided by plate armor and high damage yield should reduce downtime – or the time spent healing between battles.

Of the three main specifications, Arms is the first choice for solo-leveling. Anger can work, but requires a little more RNG skills. Protection is a slower-but safer-bet for newcomers who tend to bite off more than they could otherwise chew. However, they should be considered if you plan to group and lead dungeons because they are a great tank.


Probably the most versatile Druids, thanks to their ability to transform themselves into many different creatures, they can fill any role on a whim. Druids are great for soloing, but dancing to really make them shine is something that's only advanced, or returning veterans will probably make it. They rely on a reliable staff with the right statistics.

The idea here is to cast some spells before jumping into Feral for quick melee damage and regenerating the mana in the background. Then swap again to heal between the moves and repeat the process. Access to the bear form also makes them viable tanks when needed. They even get access to the travel mask, which speeds up the search considerably.


Probably the king and queens of the solo game. Hunters send their pets to single panzer mobs as they burn them down with ranged skills with bows and rifles. Beginners will find it easy to learn and play. Feign Death is always available to get out of a difficult situation. Advanced players can apply strict weapon skill and "melee weaving" timings to maximize the SPS and achieve multiple goals. The Beast Mastery specification is best suited for this. They even make Aspect of the Cheetah run very fast!


Another great option for players who want to solo because of the addition of a companion, but a fantastic duo option thanks to reduced downtime and dependency on damage over time. One of the biggest benefits for Warlocks is having access to a free mount that saves a lot of gold and gives you a lot more freedom to spend decent gear early on. They use wands as weapons for mana-free attacks.

Combine infirmity and demonology and use the Voidwalker pet to arm Mobs single-handedly. When you team up with an armored ally, swap the voidwalker for the goblin or succubus for more damage.


This is your slow but safe solo-level choice. Paladins have high defenses due to their plate armor and can heal themselves in an emergency. To compensate for this survivability, they suffer from slow attacks that can only be supplemented with occasional abilities. Mostly they prefer two-handed maces, but this is controversial.

Paladins are great for groups due to their numerous shields, buffs, and healings. You also get a free mount. The retaliatory specification is usually the way to go.


Rouges are not known for their high defense. They specialize in high blast damage, which means they avoid damage by killing them quickly. Their stealth ability makes them easier to locate targets, but they are pretty useless when dealing with area damage in groups. Although you think Rouges love daggers, they are actually better with swords. Use yourself for the highest damage in Eviscerate.


Priests are good solo options for magical fans looking for a less stressful experience in the mage class. They are, in a sense, a mixture of sorcerer and magician. High survivability through healings, both DoTs and regular spells, allied buffs. Like the paladin, their buffs and healings ensure that priests are often sought for group play. Shadow Spec is the first choice for solo games, whereas focusing on group healing is likely to go a long way. Like the sorcerer, the priests use wands to cause extra damage.


Mages are a very popular PvP choice, which is characterized by far-reaching damage. Their dependency on Frost spells helps slow or freeze targets so they can easily be killed, making them well-suited to both PvE and PvP. Powerful AOE spells make them great assets in groups, and their ability to craft consumables can save a lot of money in the long run. Their teleport and portal capabilities can save travel time and are even often sold in city centers. They also use wands to accomplish goals.


Shamans resembling a druid hybrid class can claim severe magical damage in the elemental specification, incorporate their weapons in the enchantment specification for respectable melee damage, or heal for recovery. Partly thanks to their powerful group fans, shamans are a very valuable asset at dungeon parties with "melee columns".

The Windfury Totem enchants allied weapons to potentially hit them a second time, whereas the Earth's Totem gives the Earth an estimated Strength bonus to everyone around him. This versatility gives you a variety of options when it comes to weapon types, but you will often see them with one-handed clubs and shields.

Best Solo Class


  WoW Classic Hunter
Teebling, Barrens.chat

Although no class will have an almost nightmarish period of 60, the undoubted winner of the solo content Hunter his. If you want to do a bit of weaving, hunters can take multiple targets at once. Pets are out of harm's way, they can quickly adapt to sudden PvP battles and even end lost fights with Feign Death. Their increased running speed can also greatly enhance the overall level experience – something that Warlocks can not match even with a free mount. Druids are more involved.

Best Group / Hybrid Class


This really depends on which role you prefer: tanks, healers or SPS. If you make a mix of singles and group games and do not feel like filling an available roll, Shaman may be the better option. You can solo well, heal, DPS or Event tanks if necessary, and their party buffs will make a big difference to the overall DPS.

Career Choice

Every profession has its uses, and each character can earn two of these most important collection and craft classes. You make devices for selected classes. But if you do not see that you stop improving trades to make equipment during the level, you should start a career to earn money by selling equipment to other players.

Tank or DPS classes may be just the thing for crafting and collective professions, but if you plan to become a healer for dungeons and raids at the highest level, you should stick to duplicate crafting classes as you may have problems protect yourself when you collect material in the wild. Engineering is often the unsung hero with many helpful tools and devices that solo players can use to defeat powerful opponents or otherwise fix the shortcomings of certain classes.

Have fun!

Knowing which class to play on the go -go will go a long way to make sure the WoW Classic Leveling process is not a big deal. We all tend to reach an MMO cap on the assumption that the best is yet to come. And while this may be true, there are lots of fun experiences, crazy chat channels and wonderful sights and sounds that you can take along on your way. You will not have fun if you choose a class that does not suit you, but you will have a great time if you drag yourself to the end.

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