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You can find USB-C adapter cables for charging some older laptops – check out Geek

USB-C charging cable
Michael Crider

I love my ThinkPad T450s. It’s loaded with cheap RAM, its two-chamber battery system lets me work for a full day, and the keyboard is fantastic. But I kept it on the shelf for a couple of years as I transitioned from bulky chargers to an all-USB-C mobile lifestyle. Until I found an adapter on Amazon.

You see, most laptops made before about 201

7 use a proprietary charger of one type or another, either the old keg connectors that come in so many different flavors that you’ll need a little ratchet set of adapters if you get one lose it, or something totally unique like my ThinkPad’s rectangular charger or the older MacBook magnetic cables. So trying to charge one of them using a standard USB-C charger would require some sort of Frankenstein mod on the laptop’s motherboard.

Not like that anymore. Vendors have started making charging cables with USB-C on one end and proprietary charging cable heads on the other end. These are more than just standard cables – they contain circuit boards that regulate the flow of current and won’t fry your laptop or charger. Since the original charging cable of my T450 from Lenovo consumes 45 watts (20 volts x 2.25 amps), I ordered this suitable gallium nitrate USB-C charger and am on my way to the races. It’s about a third the volume of my original charger and I can use it for all of my other stuff as well.

A quick Amazon search found USB-C cables or adapters for Apple Magsafe and various barrel connectors. So, with a little digging, you should be able to find options for many older laptop models. Just make sure you have a charger that matches or exceeds the power input of your original charger.

ThinkPad Slim Tip-to-USB-C Cable Adapter

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