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You can get Meizu's portless phone for $ 1299 … On Indiegogo – Review Geek

  Meizu Zero

A few days ago, Meizu showed the Zero, a wild-looking phone with no ports or buttons. Today, the company has the devices pre-order the device. For $ 1

300. On Indiegogo. Where do we start with it?

When I think of this phone, the phrase "Just because you can, does not mean you should" comes to my mind because it's cool to have no buttons or connectors. completely impractical. And paying a huge premium for that is not economical at all. So it's neither practical nor economical, it's just … kind of neat, I suppose.

To make things even more disgusting, Meizu uses Indiegogo to get the money before Zero's release. I get the need for funding, but there is only something about a company of this size that uses crowdfunding, which gives me a bad taste. I'm sure many of you feel the same.

  Meizus Indiegogo Campaign

But unfortunately, if you do not care and you want to have that button without the press of a button, no wonder, then you can hand Indiegogo / Meizu thirteen hundred of his hard-earned dollars. They're trying to raise a large hundred-thousand-dollar bill next month, but the good news is they're already 17 percent of the way there at the time of writing. It turns out that maybe there is a market here.

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