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You can not decide which dish to order? Google can do it for you now

We were all there – you go to a new restaurant and you are beaten with indecision. What if the meal you order is the worst on the menu?

Google Maps has a new feature that lets you decide what you want to eat. It shows you popular dishes based on what other people like. If you've ever flipped through Yelp photos to decide what looks good, that's the way it is. Unless you have an Android device, the new feature will not appear for a few months – sorry, owner of an iPhone ($ 1,000 on Amazon) !

The feature is also provided for the index New restaurants are added daily.

Read: Google Maps now shows you the most popular dishes of a restaurant.

With Google Maps, you can find a dish that suits you.


Find the perfect meal

1. Download Google Maps first if you do not already have it. (It's preinstalled in Android phones.)

2. Enter the name of the restaurant into the search bar.

3. Tap the restaurant if you find it.

4. Here are two options:

  • Tap Menu to see a list of popular dishes others have posted.
  • You can also scroll down the first page to see the popular dishes and tap on More .

. 5 A list of dining options is displayed. You can read what others wrote about the court.

Being played:

Incognito mode will be activated in Google Maps


Use Google Lens when it's available.

Once this feature is available, you can use the feed filter on your phone. You point your phone to a restaurant and the popular dishes are displayed for you.

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