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You can owe up to $ 500 if you own a Pixel or a Pixel XL

Earlier this year, Google had filed a class action lawsuit asserting that the company had knowingly sold first-generation pixel phones with broken microphones. Now the final approval is complete. Therefore, if you purchased an original Pixel or Pixel XL before January 7, 2017, you are probably entitled to some money.

Billing is surprisingly comprehensive: While most of the money is paid to those who can prove that they had microphone problems, billing pays up to $ 20 each [pixel] or pixel XL Owner out, who owned one of these two devices during this period.

To submit a claim:

Eligible Devices

First, you must ensure that your pixel is eligible. That means you:

  1. Living in the US
  2. bought a new Pixel or Pixel XL smartphone that was manufactured before January 4, 201
    7 (and you did not buy it to resell it) replacement device , which was made after 3 January 2017 or renovated after 5 June 2017.
  3. You are not a Google employee, a family member of the judges, or a lawyer in the case.

If you enable all these check boxes, you are it's good to go.

Submitting a Claim

Next, you must submit a claim. You can do this on the website of the class action. If you have already made a claim regarding problems with the class action lawsuit, you already have all your information here. Otherwise, you will need to log in with your name, address, and other information, such as: For example, how do you want to receive your part of the billing.

You will also need to provide evidence of any problems and / or replacement equipment, insurance deductibles, or other details about your equipment. You should also take the time to do it right, because while the comparison promises up to $ 20 for each pixel owner (unless too many people make claims), people who actually experience the problem will get it have more money.

The money

How is the money divided? Well, Google pays $ 7.25 million for billing. Once administrative fees and attorneys' fees have been paid, the remainder goes to members of the class action lawsuit, which are divided as follows:

  1. "Up to $ 20" for each person who owned a qualifying Pixel or Pixel XL, but either Audio defect did not occur or it is not documented. This pool is limited to 25 percent of the total billing fund. So if more than 145,000 people claim $ 20, the number everyone receives is reduced proportionately. (In view of the above fees, which will reduce the total amount, this is probably less.)
  2. If you have paid insurance for which you will receive a replacement pixel, you will be reimbursed the deductible. (There is an advance payment to ensure that all members of this group are paid.)
  3. If you have a problem with the microphone with several devices and you have the documentation, you will receive $ 500.
  4. If you only look at the problem with a single pixel, you will receive $ 350 – unless you do not have enough money left to make those payments. In this case, all that is left is distributed to the persons in this category for a pro-rated price.

There are a few more wrinkles: If the first group reaches their upper limit and has to pay less than $ 20 per person, the fourth group has extra money, this money is used to get everyone in the first group up to $ 20 per person gets. If after there is still money left additional cash is used for increase of payments of the 350-dollar group.

When is the deadline?

If you believe you meet all these requirements, go to the Pixel Settlement website and start your claim. You have until October 7, 2019, to file a lawsuit, decline the class action lawsuit (in the event that you file a lawsuit), or submit your comments to the court.

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