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You need to swap your $ 160 AirPods every few years

  Airpods with Charger

AirPods are one of Apple's most popular new products. However, if you love them so much that you use them every day, you can expect the irreplaceable batteries to last a few years at the most.

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9659005] AirPods have been on the market for just over two years. In recent months, there have been more and more complaints about battery life problems with AirPods – mostly from users who have used them for hours every day. With so much use, battery life will be reduced in a few years. Unfortunately that just means you throw away your AirPods and buy a new pair.

Disposing your AirPods sounds extreme, but the batteries in the earbuds and charging case can not be replaced. As soon as your AirPods can not absorb any significant cargo, they will be dumped.

AirPods were not designed for repair


First of all, the reason you can not easily replace the batteries These things are that AirPods were not designed to be repaired in the first place. And no, it's not that Apple can fix it with difficulty. AirPods are not meant to be repaired, point – if they break or the battery becomes an unusable state, you will throw them out and buy a new pair. Sorry.

Just look at the decay of iFixit on an AirPod. Everything is glued together and you can not even remove the battery without destroying the handset. The same applies to the loading case. IFixit says in his blog: "All in all, access to all components – including the batteries in the case and in the pods – impossible without total destruction."

  AirPods charging case of iFixit

] Apple offers repair services for AirPods, but we can not imagine how Apple repairs them. They probably only replace AirPods with new ones, as Apple's "battery service" is in no way about replacing the battery in a handset. This is not possible.

The cost of "repairing" your AirPods warranty is about the same (or more) cost of a brand new set. Even if you do not throw away old AirPods yourself, Apple will discard them for you if you invite them for "repair." How comfortable.

The Biggest Concern is E-Waste

Natural Many die-hard AirPod users would still like to pay $ 160 every 2-3 years to continue to rock wirelessly. The cost to the consumer is not the biggest factor here. It is unnecessary electronic waste.


If AirPods are not repairable, they should at least be recyclable, but even that is not possible. Here's the point: recyclers would cost more money than they could earn with the materials extracted from AirPods. In other words, the process of extracting the components would be too time-consuming and expensive.

For a company that is constantly engaged in recycling, Apple does not seem to meet its standards with its AirPods.

This is about all wireless earphones and beyond

 AirPods and Ankers Soundcore Liberty Air Headphones

We can not highlight Apple here. We're sure all AirPod competitors will create a product that can not be repaired or recycled. The smaller the components become and the tighter they get, the harder it is to effectively repair and recycle them. And after looking at a few AirPods, we can not say that we're surprised they can not be repaired or recycled.

This does not just apply to tiny wireless headphones. It's a problem for just about every gadget that contains so many components that individual components can not be extracted efficiently enough without destroying the entire device.

Luckily there are devices like phones, tablets and computers Not as bad as AirPods. You can at least replace many of the individual components, including the batteries, which are usually the first things that die in most electronics. But more and more devices are available. Not only is this bad for landfills, it also strains your wallet unnecessarily.

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