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Your Bachelorette Fantasy Bracket Cheat Sheet

Before you start reading, I'll need you to see this season's highlight role.

Now that you have a taste of all the possible drama that could unfold ( here's what you need to know) well beyond this season ), it's time to set your fantasy bracket. It is a integral part of the entire experience with which you can predict the winner, and then anger if they do not win. (Oh, Peter, I'm putting all my money on you!)

There are several types of brackets you can join: some have cash prizes, some give you swanky rights, some let you face your friends and others fall You in a group completely stranger. You can find any clip that suits you and what you want to make of it.

But the best thing about joining a bachelorette fantasy league is getting more involved with the show, and you do not have to feel like you're wasting your time by hiring two hours a week.

So instead of wasting all this Bachelorette knowledge, I thought I would share it with the world, alias you.

Most of these predictions are based on the murderous highlight role of Monday night's episode and the sight of Badass Becca and her men. I do not know about you, but that role worried me so much that I walked legitimately up and down.

Update: Garrett (the one accused of liking right-wing Instagram posts) has admitted that it was his account and has issued a "formal" apology for his new Instagram.

Who should inspire you most

  • Blake : Blake is cute and I was convinced that he would win the first impression of Rose. Blake and Becca seem to have a great chemistry, he really seems to like them and she seems to be enthusiastic about him. I am very excited about him. I can not wait to see her one-on-one date because I can see this relationship developing into something great.
  • Colton : First, Colton has the dog of my dreams. That's where he should win. But I'm thrilled to see how committed he is to his charity, to himself and to his family. This is something that we know is very important to Becca. We also learn that he is virginal, whatever shakes things. He's a nice cookie cutter, but I like where he's going, and I think Becca needs a little bit of grounding in her life after being thrown out so publicly by Arie.
  • Lincoln : Wow, this guy got me off his socks. First, this accent. Second, his energy is so calm and soothing. I mean, I've seen men on this show break from all the energy in the mansion (I look at your Clint and JJ), and he's such a quiet guy in the storm. I feel he will be so devoted to Becca and a good person to rely on.
  • Ryan : Powerless! Who does not love a man with banjo? He made Becca smile After the last rose when they met for the first time, and that was a tough day for them as they just had to face Arie and watch as he proposed to Lauren. And in the villa he made her smile all night long. He is a goalkeeper and I think he will surprise everyone.
  • David : This guy showed up in a chicken costume! I love it. He did not take himself so seriously and just wanted to make "BeKAH" laugh. She deserves this break, and I'm glad he made her laugh like that. She has earned so much fun in her life and the season opener has reminded us. If she loses her father and then she's on TV, she needs a funny partner.

Clay Connor, David, Jean Blanc, Nick, and Jordan soon come down and dirty.

Paul Hebert / ABC

The drama (s) to keep an eye on

  • Garrett : This is a puzzle game. He won the Rose of First Impressions, and I think because he reminded Becca so much of her late father. I would say he is the front runner, but HuffPost reported Monday that he had been busy with dodgy things on Instagram. TL: DR: His insta account (which is now closed and not verified) has allegedly dropped posts that mock immigrants and parkland students. According to HuffPost ABC has yet to comment. But the most notable thing, Bachelorette-wise, is that Garrett has gone from the late-half of the season's highlight role and will be missed after Becca is sobbing over something someone has done. I guess the guy is not who we think he is, and he's missing because he's thrown out. So keep an eye on him. * See the update above with his comments.
  • Jean Blanc : I do not know what it is, but I have this guy in mind. I can not explain it, but after six years of seeing the Bachelor Nation shows, people like Jean Blanc always make me nervous. His self-confidence is admirable, and his background story is real that at the age of 6 he emigrated to the US, learned English, persistently, but there is something. The way he said things and talked to Becca made me see my stomach more than once.
  • Jordan : This homie needs a reality check. I can not even deal with him, but we all know he is the bad guy. He's NOT here for the right reasons (yes, I know, I can not believe I typed that too with a serious face) and I need him to leave. He is just too much and instead of finding friends in the house, he judges them. I know these guys are not on this show to make friends, but Dude, be nice. Her relationships with the men in the house are traced back to Becca. The only consolation I take with him is that he appears on the famous two-on-one date when a guy is thrown out, and I hope Becca drops his ass

The guys that will Badass Becca's Heart Break

Remains to be seen, but my money is on Garrett . We have to wait until the second episode when all the personalities really show through.

I'll keep updating while I watch more, and the drama continues. I know that my predictions will change, but let me know who you think it will be until the end. Tweet with your predictions, @alexandraable .

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