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Your new iPhone 12 doesn’t come with a charger. Buy One Now – Check Out Geek

iPhone 12 and USB-C cable

The iPhone 12 will be the first Apple phone to come without a charger, and it won̵

7;t have EarPods either. Combined with the move to a Lightning-to-USB-C cable, it means many new buyers don’t have the charger they need to turn on their phones. When you’re ready for a phone upgrade, you’ll need a charger upgrade too.

There are a few options here. The cheapest way is to just find an older Lightning-to-USB-A cable. There might be one lying around on an older iPhone, iPad, or AirPod purchase, and it should work with an old charger too. An Apple MacBook charger with USB-C works just fine, although this is a less than ideal solution because it’s a large building block (which offers a lot more charge than you need) and only has a USB-C port. You’ll need to swap with your laptop or charge using your laptop’s USB-C ports if you want just one for both.

A better solution is to get a special charging brick. In recent years there have been some surprising innovations in these ubiquitous devices: A new manufacturing process for gallium nitride (GaN) means that even the tiny devices can be extremely powerful.

Aukey charger

If you are looking for the cheapest solution, this Aukey stone is for you. It’s a simple, single-port USB-C device with an output of 18 watts – the maximum for fast charging the iPhone 12. It’s only worth a few dollars and works with any other smartphone, although the charging speed is slower on some Android phones. Devices is not maximum. The tines can be folded back for practical storage when traveling.

18 watt USB-C charger

Aukey 30w charger

If you want to charge multiple devices at the same time, spend a little more on this model. It has a USB-C fast charging port and an additional USB-A port. With an output of 30 watts, it can handle any iPhone and any accessory of the USB-A charger such as AirPods or a replacement USB battery. 30 watts is enough to charge an iPad Pro or MacBook Air at maximum speed, as well as some smaller and less powerful laptops.

Aukey 65 watt charger

If you want to charge a more powerful laptop and your phone at the same time, you need to figure out how much juice you need. For example, the 13-inch MacBook Pro consumes 61 watts, while the 16-inch model consumes a whopping 96 watts. This Aukey model should be suitable for both a mid-range laptop and an iPhone.

Aukey 65 watt USB-C charger

Aukey 100 watt charger

If you have a much more powerful USB-C laptop, this 100 watt charger should be your go-to. It can charge your phone and laptop at the same time.

Aukey 100 watt USB-C charger

Anker 100 watt multi charger

And if you’re looking for a more complete upgrade, check out this anchor model. It can split 100 watts between two USB-C devices and two More USB-A devices with a conventional power cord for the socket, as it hangs a bit on the wall.

Anker 100 watt multi charger

Oh, and if you don’t have a pair of EarPods (or wireless headphones) and really want them, you can get a pair that use the Lightning cable connection for an extra few dollars.

Apple EarPods

There will likely be a run with USB-C chargers as the release of the new iPhones approaches. Get an order ahead of time if you don’t want to have a recharge headache upon arrival.

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