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Your new smartphone does not have a headphone jack? What you need – Review Geek

Headphoneless headphones are old news – just over two years ago, Apple announced that the iPhone will not have any more. However, if you are new to the device, here are some useful products to help you survive without it.

Bluetooth Headphones

If you use a lot of headphones, Bluetooth is the best solution if you do not have a headphone jack (but if you really need a wired headset, read below.)

There's a lot great bluetooth headset to choose from, even if you're limited to bluetooth, you'll most likely still find a pair that you like. We have a shopping guide that includes the best tips for all sorts of styles, including over-the-ear and "really wireless" models.

Personally, my favorite Bluetooth headphones are Anker Soundcore Liberty Air ($ 79). They resemble AirPods, but are only half the price and form a tight closure in the ear canal, which is a necessity for me.

Lightning or USB-C Headphone Adapter

If you need to store your beloved wired headphones, you're in luck – you can buy a headphone adapter to plug into your phone's charging port.

Apple is making a lightning on a headphone jack that works with iPhones, and Google is making a USB C-to-headphone adapter for their Pixel devices (or any other device without a headphone jack that uses USB-C). Just connect it to the charging port and you have your headphone jack.

Of course, you can not charge your device when headphones are plugged in, so this may be the only downside. But that can be worthwhile if you really want to stay connected with wired headphones.

Bluetooth adapter for your wired headphones

If you still want to use your existing wired headphones but you do not want to exclude the Bluetooth route, you can get a Bluetooth adapter to plug in your wired headphones and turn them into Bluetooth headphones

We have a shopping guide that describes a few different options in detail, but you can expect to pay about $ 20 for one person, which is not bad at all. In addition, most have controls that allow you to play and pause the music from the adapter instead of over the phone, which can be very convenient.

Bluetooth receiver for your stereo

Would you like to connect your phone to your home or car radio? It may be difficult without a headphone jack, but Bluetooth receivers are useful here.

Of course, we also have a shopping guide for these, and you can buy one that is either on a shelf and you can also take along several portable entrances that you can use with your car radio or the entertainment system in airplanes.

This gives you Bluetooth capabilities for the different audio outlets, allowing you to connect your phone to it wirelessly without a headphone jack (if you normally would).

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