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You're probably wiping your iPhone X wrong. Here's how you get it right

With the introduction of the iPhone X, Apple changed the way users interact with their devices by completely releasing the home button. Although the use of the new gestures is fairly simple, some users may not use it properly, which can lead to frustration.

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9659004] The main thing is to know how to wipe to either return to the home screen, go to the app switcher, and instantly switch between apps. These are each three different gestures. We'll show you how to overcome these gestures and some other swipe gestures that will help you.

Back to home screen

No home button: iPhone X, XS, and XR Use a simple swipe from the bottom of the screen to exit an app and return to the Home screen.

It's more a movement than a wipe, but you've got the point. You also do not have to swipe up from the bottom of the screen. It's a bit forgiving that you can swipe up from something higher, and you do not necessarily have to touch that narrow bar at the bottom of the screen, but it depends on which app you are in and whether or not a button is there to get in the way. And the best thing about getting a little higher is the fact that people are used to pressing the home button when they come from older phones.

Accessing the App Switcher

If you do not do this If you want to go back to the Home screen, but prefer to call the App Switcher, do the same swipe as you would normally if you returned to the Home screen , Instead of switching, however, swipe up for a fraction of a second.

From there, you can swipe left and right to browse all the apps you have run in the background and switch to one of them.

Switch between apps immediately [19659006] Although this is not the official app toggle feature, as mentioned above, there is a gesture that allows you to instantly switch to the previously used app.

For example, if you opened Twitter and then switched to Instagram, you can swipe right down the screen to the right to go back to Twitter.

You can also skip ahead to switch between all the other apps running in the background right away. It can be slightly faster than with the App Switcher, especially if you want to return to the previous app.

Opening the Notification Center

The Notification Center works much the same way as always. They still swipe down from the top of the screen, but on the iPhone X and later, swipe down from the left side of the screen to where the clock stands.

Opening Control Center

] This is a big change for the iPhone X and above. Instead of scrolling down from the screen to access Control Center, swipe down from the top right of the screen where the battery icon is located.

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